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Eye In The Sky Review

This is the first time I am writing a review....

So...where should I start!!

(pardon me for any mistakes)

Eye in the sky has been a very promising and anticipating series for all of us with the perfect cast of mainly Kevin, Tavia and Ruco. I need to emphasize that a good cast help alot especially when it revolves the 2 hot hunks - Kevin and Ruco. I watch a series depending on the cast, so the cast is really significant to me. This series started off well with all the suspense and intriguing moments and scenes. I refrained from going weibo or basically any web that leaks out any spoilers during that period of time when I'm watching. I didn't even know Johnny aka Ruco was Ah Lik aka Kevin. I actually missed a few episodes in between from ep1- 10 but I've got so much to comment on the later part of this series, mainly from ep 11 - 20.

The main focus of this series is Ah Lik descend to evilness and Szeto trying his best to help Ah Lik even to the expense of betraying and defying his own principles. However, the point where Ah Lik descend to his evilness makes no sense and some parts were rather illogical.

1) I do not exactly know the roots that drives him to his insanity or the cruelty they defined. Or rather the roots aren't suffice to support his turning point. Ever since Jan rejected him, the jealousy and hatred towards Szeto grew and he started to go downhill to the extremity?
2) But he is not even evil to begin with in my opinion. They defined him as cruel, inhumane, evil when all he did was to poison a cat? I find it a big joke because the despicable old woman (Hor Yee Ku) actually deserves more than that. The fact that Ah Lik didn't have the intention to murder her or murder her and just merely poison a cat proved that he's kind in nature because logically, if a man like Ah Lik that  had gone through this much in real life would have probably stabbed Hor Yee Ku several times or if not to definitely let her have a torturous death. I really do not comprehend their definition of cruel, inhumane or evil?
3) The storyline defined Ah Lik stood there to watch Hor Yee Ku died as Ah Lik murdering Hor Yee Ku. How does that equates to Ah Lik murdering Hor Yee Ku? Can't they see that Ah Lik was having an excruciating head pain that he can't even think straight or move? He was literally bending down on the floor because he was in such a pain. How could he have save her given his condition at that moment? And what would have been done in that short 5 minutes of time? 

The death of Hor Yee Ku  is the crucial part to the development of the storyline as well as Ah Lik's character and the Ah Lik's evilness they defined, which explained his actions in the later part of the series. But, yet this part does not served any justice to Ah Lik being "evil" and "inhumane"

Few things that I would like to highlight about this series.

1) I don't really enjoy watching Jan's father and the detective agency story. It does not contribute or do any development to the storyline and neither they are those light-heartening scenes where it served the purpose of bringing entertainment to the viewers, (at least not to me) These episodes could be use on more meaningful parts - to have more scenes on Hon San aka Vivien Yeo and the blind guy (mastermind) 
2) With reference to my first point, more focus could also be placed on how Szeto actually discovers or suspects Ah Lik in the first part of the series (ep 1 - 10). I know Szeto is a genius here but more scenes could be added to send thrills and suspense to the audiences. I also find the part where Ah Lik lied to Szeto that he was at the poolside quite forceful? Nobody would usually lied that he was at the poolside, especially for another genius like Ah Lik? and he could have just simply said he was in the toilet? 
3) The part where the blind guy and Hon San aka Viven Yeo discovered that Ah Lik was actually Szeto twin brother was too fast, and he was like another genius (too many genius in this series) 
4) The part where Szeto suspected and even confirmed that the blind guy was the mastermind also happened too fast.
5) Jan's super memory is of waste. Should have coordinate it with the story line, Her super memory does not serve any purpose. 
6) Jan has been desperately searching for the humorous Ah Lik aka Kevin, whom she make love with in the first 2 episodes. Yearning and hoping for his return but rejected him immediately when Ah Lik aka Kevin became Ah Lik aka Ruco? And before Ah Lik aka Ruco reveal his identity to her, they actually shared happy moments together such as having the light drawing etc etc which I find it cute and  from what I saw I actually concluded that she had feelings for Ah Lik aka Ruco. The only good feeling she had for Szeto was the first time when he saved her? But to me that's admiration and gratitude, not really love. And she feels really restricted, uneasy and shy to me whenever she was with Szeto. Maybe it's the sign of love but to me, you have to feel totally comfortable with someone you're dating with. Not this. 
7) Jan hold back Szeto and asked him to stop lying and hiding because she had witnessed it all - Szeto to anxiously searching for tissue papers for Jan = to love and having feelings for her? Wow, impressive. I didn't know offering tissues would mean to love the person. Wow. I must be having feelings for the entire world then lol. The evidence is weak and invalid. 
8) I really love the part where Ah Lik's plans of stealing the painting but only to realize that his main motive was to kill Hon San aka Vivien for revenge. It was really an unexpected twisting point and the entire stealing process was very thrilling and an enjoyment to watch. The idea was refreshing and it's a great surprise to me! Something really unexpected and creative.
9) The ending part of Ah Lik's death was totally redundant. Firstly, Ah Lik wasn't even villain to begin with. The whole development of Ah Lik's character doesn't make any sense and as mentioned, he could have shoot Szeto if he wanted to, but he didn't. That's a sign of remorse and it is quite impossible that suddenly for less than 10 seconds, he changed his mind and wanted to kill Szeto again because he even dropped his weapon and fell to the floor as he unleashed all his emotions. 
And for a moment, I really thought Szeto went insane because his actions and his eyes actually showed signs and symptoms of it. 
10) I really really really love how Ruco portrayed out Ah Lik alive. I love how he can look really so pure and innocent and how he can look so scheming and evil with those smirks on his face. I love the confident yet arrogant, cocky face he gave when he challenged Szeto. And the insane Ah Lik on the last episode. He delivered each of the different personality and characters at different stages so solidly well that I could feel his agony and painful past. The feeling of his unbearable childhood times to those torturous dark times as he grew up to slowly to becoming a robber, to having plastic surgery over umpteen times, to result in suffering from sudden excruciating head pain, to living in those painful memories for the rest of his life, to having his parents from out casting him from the family group chat (misunderstanding), to having Jan rejected him, to all and all. He did it so brilliantly and his eyes could speak so much. I remember there was a the scene where he starred at Hor Yee Ku with simmering hatred through his pair of eyes, to the scene where he saw the happy family Kevin had. His pair of eyes betrayed his sadness as you see the longing and craving to be part of the family and reunited with them. Yet, having the fear of getting rejection by Szeto and the family due to his past. And the struggle he had as his conscience was fighting internally on the last episode. Oh not to mention, how cool and muscular he is with really great physique!! hehe.

The killing smile. O M G. So much charms he had,  melted me.

Like a boss..... I like <3

what I mean when I said his eyes could speak so much. You can tell he's so worn out yet he's still awake because of some drugs he injected to act on his nervous system to stimulate his body to be awake. It's like you can literally see the drugs acting on him through his pair of eyes. 
such a cutie <33 hehe

 I am mixed - Thai Korean. LOL.

Jan x Outer Ah Lik + Inner Ah Lik or
Jan x Outer Ah Lik + Inner Johnny or
Jan x Outer Ah Lik + Inner Szeto or
Jan x Outer Szeto + Inner Ah Lik or
Jan x Outer Szeto + Inner Johnny or
Jan x Outer Szeto + Inner Szeto 

三..,二.. ,一 ..

Don't you remember what the mother said in the bus just now?
Being brothers, no matter who's in the wrong, 
one could at most be mad for 3 seconds
I will count up to 3 now
And I would forgive you after that
3.... 2... 1...
*Embraced together*

This part is so touching that I teared
I am not kidding.
 I got so addicted only on the last episode, and because it's the last episode I've no more episodes left *cries*
I really enjoyed this drama because perfect cast, refreshing storyline and most importantly it is very very very fast paced. 
Even there were some unflattering points that I highlighted, but to me it doesn't really matter (they're quite insignificant because as a whole, this series is really vvvvvvv nice to watch!! x)

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WHATSUPP. Life has not been kind to me at all ever since 12345678910112 years ago. I've been taught since young that life's never fair but I never knew it would be unfair to this extent... I don't even know where to begin it with. Been catching up on some tvb dramas and I'm currently watching overachievers and re-watching triumph in the skies II because I simply love Sam x Holiday.

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Tiger Cubs II

Tiger cubs II has been really great. I waited waited waited, 1 week seems like a month when I am waiting for a new episode. (Not even exaggerating)  I was so impressed by Linda's performance as a Madam. No more those "weak lady" or "cute princess" feel that she had been giving us for the past years due to the roles she played in. I mean of course she's still cute and adorable (like obviously just looked at those pictures *fangirl mode on* xD and ofc she's still as gorgeous and cute as a princess, a precious princess to everyone) She successfully withdraw from the past roles and I love her stares and the "cool" Madam feel she gave.


Her acting improved so much (she just keep improving even though she's already perfect in my eyes <3 ) The hair length suits her and basically all hair length, tops, dresses just fit her. Love that there are many closed up scenes of Linda in ep5 of TC2. I basically SS every second of her scenes hahahaa.

Anw, her new MV had been out for sometime and she's so angelic and gracious. Her movements and the way she sway her hair. I melted. literally took SS every second when watching her MV.
Life's so busy and I forgot when was the last time I had more than 5hours of sleep ever since school starts.

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