Friday, 21 November 2014

Tiger Cubs II

Tiger cubs II has been really great. I waited waited waited, 1 week seems like a month when I am waiting for a new episode. (Not even exaggerating)  I was so impressed by Linda's performance as a Madam. No more those "weak lady" or "cute princess" feel that she had been giving us for the past years due to the roles she played in. I mean of course she's still cute and adorable (like obviously just looked at those pictures *fangirl mode on* xD and ofc she's still as gorgeous and cute as a princess, a precious princess to everyone) She successfully withdraw from the past roles and I love her stares and the "cool" Madam feel she gave.


Her acting improved so much (she just keep improving even though she's already perfect in my eyes <3 ) The hair length suits her and basically all hair length, tops, dresses just fit her. Love that there are many closed up scenes of Linda in ep5 of TC2. I basically SS every second of her scenes hahahaa.

Anw, her new MV had been out for sometime and she's so angelic and gracious. Her movements and the way she sway her hair. I melted. literally took SS every second when watching her MV.
Life's so busy and I forgot when was the last time I had more than 5hours of sleep ever since school starts.

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  1. Loving her in Tiger Cubs 2 too!! And 大爱 is damn damn addicting!!