Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I was roughly flipping de past maazine, hoping to fnd tvb news. n i find quite alot! :))
firstly, de first pic. why does rosy business was nt on de NO1 ? n rather no2.?! it's super doesnt make sense. :/ rosy business is much nicer thn de wht--- , i dunno in english. :x. im nt saying tht it's nt qd, buttt rosy business is obviously btr.
second picture.! Best couple... in wht way is kevin and myolie better thn wayne & sheren?
hmm. kevin n myolie is nt bad. bt obviously if says COUPLE it's sheren and wayne right!
No offence in any remarks. it's jus my casual remark. :)

Top 5 male TVB celebrities.
2)raymond lam
3)moses chan

Top 5 female TVB celebrities.

rest from 6-10, u cn see de pic. :)
btw all this news was last yr 2009. heehs!
and look at de article below!!!
it's nth special. except it's abt SHEREN & WAYNE!!!

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