Monday, 5 December 2011


My Favorite TV Series: Ghetto Justice
My Favorite TV Best Actor: Kevin Cheng- Ghetto Justice
My Favorite TV Best Actress: Myolie Wu- Curse of the Royal Harem
My Favorite TV Supporting Actor: Raymond Wong- Twilight Investigations
My Favorite TV Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan- Ghetto Justice
My Favorite TV On-Screen Couple: Michael Tse, Fala Chen- Lives of Omission
My Favorite TV Most Promising Actor: Vincent Wong- Gun Metal Grey
My Favorite TV Most Promising Actress: Nancy Wu- Gun Metal Grey
My Favorite TV Theme Song: Michael Tse - 'Walk Alone- Lives of Omission

My Top 15 Favorite TVB DRAMA Characters
Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)
Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)
Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3)
Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)
Ruco Chan (The Other Truth)
Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
Chilam Cheung (Rippling Blossom)
Tavia Yeung (The Other Truth)
Kate Tsui (Forensic Heroes 3)
Kenneth Ma (Life and Times of a Sentinel)
Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)
Moses Chan (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Ron Ng (Forensic Heroes 3)
Raymond Lam (Men With No Shadows)

So these are the awards given to the respective celebrities. No idea why, i still preferred bosco. ^.^

Yes, if u realized, I kept featured bosco recently! hehe. really love him inside LOO. esp the way he dressed and walked. the morale he had. :) so yah, i know im a lil slow with regeards to this awards presentation post. Bear with it alright! tonight is the TVB prize presentation. To be frank, i was more anticpated towards last year presentation, whr its a hot topic among sheren,wayne,charmine, moses and noregrets. was really crazy over it last year,. hehe. In a blink of an eye, a year had passed. quite amusing yeah!? hehe. Iazy to edit the rest of pictures. Pictures aft being edited just look different. the colour, quality, it looks so fine. and the contrast , features, brightness, all diff perspectives. however, it need to take up a lil bit of time. well,so only edit bosco pictures. :p Okay, shall not be bias anymore! will edit the others when i had time. Bye! :)


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