Thursday, 5 January 2012


How many of you had watced it? :) Well, I watched it in the cinema and i think it was near to perfect. The cast seemed so flawless and the paste of the movie was very fast, it was really a very nice movie overall. I would rate it 9/10. Dont really like the scenes of kate's imaginaions inside. There's some scenes where kate reminisce her past with bosco, and she just treated francis as bosco. yup, this were only the scenes where bosco appears, Which means Bosco appeared so LITTLE. It was actually a very short movie, like 1.5hours. Its quite hard to apprehend what they were showing during the first 30mins of the movie. They made it very secretive and mystery, to make it look special. It was only a simple thing and yet, they made it until so incredible. The way diretor flims was excellent! Love the part where FrancisNg debate about his views and thinkings with laughing. He was trying to stnd up for the criminals and he claimed that all criminals were not wrong. They break the laws were only because they were being enforced by all the unfair laws and rules. Humans were controlled by the laws, by the world, thus, humans cannot get manipulated by it, humans should fight back, controlled back the world. And alot of diagolues he debated for the criminals like why and how they commited the crimes, but yet, they were not at fault too. The debating was fabulous! So yeah, theres a part, whr the guy digs his kidney out. HOHOHO. I think that was the part that explains it was NC16. HAHAHA. I actually did close abit of my eyes. :p Overall, it was really very tensing. I actually dont think francis was considered as "villian" inside. half-way through the movie, I was very excited , because i can "predict" what will be coming next. so I was like "He's going to die! I know! he confirm is dying" ! and then the next minute someone appears, and *slash, slash, slash* ! HAHAHA.
Wanted to add on, MCJIN was super hilarious inside! HAHAHA.


It was really fantastic whn he slowly build up his storyline by first showing Francis getting into jail,its like just the first 10mins, then followed by a court case, he get out of the prison. then he stole the documents which proved laughing's identity of being an undercover and he killed evergreenmak, then he helped laughing to escaped frm the prison, etc.
I really think Franicis was being nice inside. Its the other person who was the bad guy.
Only part whr Francis was bad, was he actully killed bosco. Reason being Bosco do not shares the same views as him. HAHA. but well, Francis's was quite kind by nature. He actually did not wish to harm anyone. Towards the ending part, it was not being very clear and specific. Dont really know if laughing had died at the end. Bt well, I just treated he didnt . :) Ending was not being very ideal as all the cases and myseteries were not being sloved by the police. As predicted, everyone just died . But still, It was really a very nice movieee, seriously. another spoiler of the movie, was because it was in chinese version. If it was in cato, it will be really SHIOK. Love the sound effects and cozy environment too. So I shant grumble abt watching it in chi version anymore.

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