Friday, 13 April 2012

Only You + L'Escargot

ONLY YOU was a rather lively yet hilarious series. It just totally lifts up ur mood when u watched it. This series was aired in year 2011, okay I am slow. HAHAHA. Just realised I missed out this series, and since my grandma had the DVDs, (in fact my grandma had almost all TVBseries), I decided to give it a try. It turns up to be better than I expected. Loved how scarastic the diagloues are, and if u are in a bad mood, it definitely will lift out ur mood and your day.


Had finished L'Escargot for quite some time. They said this series would be more preferable to the adults. But nonetheless, I finished it. The cast was definitely strong. And to be frank, I watched it because of the cast. I had many thoughts on it, but I decided to keep all of them to myself. ( afraid it will be alil --- yeah, u know) Hah, but Overall, it was quite a nice series. Yup. Sorry for the lack of updates.

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