Friday, 14 September 2012

Ending of Witness Insecurity

Bosco saved his life.

And finally.... Linda long awaited moment. Bosco finally wore the helmet that Linda gave. Linda was just so touched that she was at a lost of words.
But happy moment always dont last long.....

And awww :(

so touching :'(

The ending was so heart-wrenching. Teared while watching, espically the part (last second pic) , aww:( just the thought of it can make me tear.

Had been spamming their pictures in every single post. Haha! Gna spam their pics on the next post again. The next post shall most probably be my last post of them. Had been watching King Maker and that goes without saying, it's a definitely "must watch" series. A solid cast with an amazing storyline. Giving you all the unexpected twists and high climate in every episode. A series you shouldnt miss, definitely!

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