Thursday, 27 September 2012

Highs and lows + TVB weekly 796

Highs and lows is really so awesome and amazing. If you have watch u will know what I mean..... everyone just portrayed their roles so well and love all the action scenes. I had always like michael miu series... Was intending to watch it only when all the 30 episodes are out or sth or maybe like at least 5episodes or sth..(bc I know it will be so awesome that I cannot stop continuing haha.) but then it seems that the video/episodes will be removed after a very short while or sth so I must faster watch it..haha and also I wont be watching any series whn my sch starts and my sch is starting in abt 2weeks time :(  It definitely meet my expectations for this series...have been pinning very high hope for it, haha so far the first 3episodes have been so enticing... and as predicted, I could not stop watching...had to wait for new episode to be out... TVB weekly mag #796 will be featuring highs and lows.

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