Saturday, 29 September 2012


This is a series that I have been anticipating since like last year, and finally its going to be aired on 5thNov. It has a total of 33 episodes. When it first debut on 5thNov, Monday, it's from 8.30-10.30pm and it's resume to 9.30-10.30pm subsequently on the next day, 6thNov, Tuesday. Not only it has a good storyline and plot (based on what I see and hear and anticipate), it also has a very strong cast, espically when there's Wayne and LV. I really love them and love to watch their series because usually their series are of good plots and they have really strong actings. To me, cast really played a huge part in a series. I always decide whether to watch a series base on the cast.... but then usually series with a strong plot has a strong cast. So usually I will just watch all TVB productions if I have the time (absolutely crapping here haha...) So yah stay tune to this series! Cast:  @黎耀祥Wayne、@米雪LV、#邵美琪#、@Raymond黃浩然、@陳茵媺Aimee、@梁烈唯、@唐诗咏Natalie

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