Sunday, 7 October 2012

Highs and lows


That goes without saying, Highs and lows is one of the best series in the year. I can't help but to get awed by their actings and their amazingly well-written storyline. For every minute, ever since episode 9,I had been guessing if Michael Miu and his own team are actually good or bad cops, and why. I even start to have my own imagination and picture everything (like if they are good cops then why would they have done this...or if they are bad cops thn what will happen..and what drive them to walk this path and stuffs) 
 I even have all sort of own inferences and analysis. And for every scene,(eg scenes of decision made or actions taken), I had been guessing and getting highly suspicious why did they do that and then I will be cracking my skull to think of it. (sounds super retarded HAHAHAA) I will also be predicting what will happen next etc... hahaha! Its really hard to tell if they are gd/bad cops..and even so its very hard to explain their actions,but based on what I know, they are actually bad cops.. Ofc I dont wish thats the case..and its really hard to accept that Michaelmiu is a bad cop...even if he is, EVEN...there must be some story behind it that he had left with no choice but to turn against the cops. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes...

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