Saturday, 22 December 2012

Awards pictures

Some of the award pics! ;)  forgot where I obtained the pics from but it's either from these sites:
 Just TVB , My Favourite TVB , TVB Corner &  TVB Horizon  For more pics and detailed informations you shd visit them! They are really amazing and informative! ;)

Congratz to all the winners! :)

So happy for wayne! :D Seems to be crazy over him now bc I have been watching his series lately :P even rewatched KingMaker (mainly bc of him)... Hahaha!

 I was not really surprised/taken aback when WHB get the best series award... Bc I heard that the online votes for this series had been very high consistently and ofc I was elated upon the news of it getting the best series award! :) Thinking back how crazy I was over this series that I could rmb all the details of each episode and just how many times I rewatched it... it's just insane! Haha! every small thing they said/did inside the seires actually mean more than wht you just see/'s very meaningful! Like how all the characters develop and grew into a totally diff person, that you could never imagine. And the part where there's a dog that keeps appearing..that part actually meant sth.  This series had been flimed into a kind of art... up till now, y'guys must be feeling.........


HAHAHAA! That's only what I thinks and "ART" is the way I expressed it :) and about the dog part... I didnt understand that part too until where there's this someone who explains to me...BUT I had already forgotten it too so... Hahaha! Thanks for ur time and I will only probably be back in march :(

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