Tuesday, 26 February 2013

No Regrets

So recently No Regrets is airing in my country and my family decided to rewatch it again.
I cant help it but wanted to really tell the whole world how much I love this series hahahaa. Oh ya and pardon my atrocious command of english ok, I'm really not good in english and this is depressing :(
Anw! before you guys forgotten about this series (which was pretty impossible, because it's so awesome) I've uploaded some summary pics below for you to recall haha!

No doubt, no regrets is definitely one of the best series with a very well-written script and a great assembled of outstanding cast all tied together. The storyline was impressive and very well-written and it kept me going throughout although I had watched it umpteen times. There are many touching scenes in this series that could make you tear, so you better prepare a box of tissue papers beside you when you're watching. hahaa. The perfect couple in the series with the best, outstanding actings- Wayne and Sheren.

I really cant emphasize how much I love them and their actings. "Outstanding" is a massive underestimate word used to describe their actings. Sheren totally brings out her "gau mui"  (haha omg pardon my typing-catonese-in-english-style) role alive. Gau mui is such a thoughtful and kind-hearted woman who put everyone before herself and trying all ways and means to help each and everyone even when doing that will be placing her life at risk. She dont expect to get any repay and almost everyone in the series is against her. :( despite the fact that all she's doing are for the interest of others and nt herself. Lucky there's wayne (lau seng?) who stood by her each time she faced an obstacle without failed. and this is what made them slowly fall in love with each other, awww :')

They are the one who made all the scenes so touching. You can just clearly feel and relate to the sadness and helplessness she was feeling although she didnt really express it out. Not only her face expression will show it when she's feeling sad or in agony, but together with a combination of her tone and body language and and just sth, sth that she lets out to express her sadness, it was like reaching another apex in her acting. She just did it so amazingly well that made me wonders how on earth she can do it. Gau mui is really a very challenging role because what gau mui is facing in the series was just diffculties after diffculties, obstacles after obstacles. She can really make the audience to feel the heart throbbing because she really brings out the fear and tense atmosphere. For me, I can really relate to her sadness, anxiety, stress and nervousness and her fear, her fear of loosing lau seng (wayne), the part where she have to kill lau seng. During the first few episodes, you will really be convinced by gau mui(sheren), through her actings that she's really a very villian evil woman, and her role will be like a mysetry to you, for you to guess what kind of woman she really is. But slowly, you willl start changing ur mindset towards her, and afterwards, you may start to pity her and think that she dont deserve all these. And ofc, you can really tell and feel that she really dotes on lei hwa. (nancy wu) alot. For wayne, you can also feel the love he have for his sister, qing qing or ching ching? (fala chen). He's so protetcive and over-caring for her and the way he holds and shoots his gun really got the swag!!! :DD haha. and ofc they really have great chemistry! Though they do not hugs or kisses or have any physically actions that show they're in love, but you can really tell they love and care for each other alot. (this is what I meant by great actings :D) Not even once they did say "I love/miss you." to each other but then they just love each other deeply. They go through alot of thick and thin together and I really think nothing can separate them. And ya, my mom even cried on their scenes bc my mom said it was very touching hahaa.

Theme song pictures. Each of this picture actually symbolizes sth. It was really memorable when you look at it after you watched the series.

  Gau mui on drug addiction.. I was really awed by how she brings out a drug addict role so well. It's like you can really feel the pain she's suffering.

                                  This scene was found in episode 10 :)

Below are some of my favourite episodes! <3


Episode9 (one of the best episode)





Credit:  these images are in my thumbdrive and I've no idea where I got it and save it from 2yrs back...but most probably I got it from google bc I always went to google search for images ^^

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