Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bullet Brain

One of bullet brain promo event.

Wayne, Sire, Pierre, Edwin, Natalie

I am very excited for this series. The storyline is rather refreshing and attracting. This is what it will be roughly about.... Wayne is protrayed as a police, but after he got shot in his head, his IQ level then increased expotentially. He then become a detective. This is also when there will be a massive change in his character, where he will be using all ruthless resorts to meet his goal. Wayne will have some complicated relationships with both sire and Nataile, while Pierre portrayed as wayne's good buddy (brother). There will be only one big major case in this series though. I believe there will be many turns and twists in the storyline, as well as, wayne's character. It will be a breakthrough for him as his role is kind of challenging. I am really looking forward to it

I also have watched interviews of it and wayne mentioned that he felt that Bullet Brain is kinda similar to Master Of Play. Nataile also mentioned that there will be a scene when she tries to seduce wayne. 
The pace of this series should be quite fast because wayne will transform into a brillant detective just in episode 1. In episode 2, Joe Junior (wayne's head officer) sense something wrong and he ordered Sire (female officer) to monitor and observe on wayne. In episode 3: wayne will start to gain Sire's trust through some ways and I think this is slowly where the story develops. And based on what Sire said on her weibo, you need to watch each episode or else you will not be able to catch up and know what's happening. So be sure to catch it I am so anticipated for it especially for wayne! I'm looking forward to see him and his brillant actings ^^ and ofc the storyline as it seems very intriguing and refreshing! ^^

Picture credit to: yUnqing weibo and kuangaiTVB weibo

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