Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cute scenes in Friendly Fire

I finished Friendly Fire quite some time back and I know I am a little too late to make a post about it. BUT... Sammy and Sharon is just simply too cute inside this series HAHAHA. Still can't stop laughing upon the thought of it.

 Sammy performing magic for Sharon to see and.... *TALA~*

                                            EPIC MOMENT LOL. *The rose is gone*

Sammy thought Sharon was kissing him but then.... NO. *ouch*
 It was the group of girls that having drugs transaction behind Sammy that caught Sharon's attention.

Sammy said he was full and give up all his meat to Sharon and end up, Sharon gave it to all the colleagues.

If you still remember this scene...hahaaa

"A real man's not afraid of the rain" LOL

Look at their expressions hahahaha!!!

Pictures credit to tvblife

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