Monday, 1 April 2013

Favourite series of the year part2

I decided to split my "favourite series of the year" into 3parts. I'm going to talk about my favourite series in 2010 and 2011 for this post. x)

In year 2010, my favourite series of the year is definitely noregrets~ heheheee! I think you had heard me saying it many times~ :p

Noregrets is just simply too amazing. I think I will never forget the feelings this series brought to me, and of course, sherayne, their brillant actings that brought the characters alive. I never found myself so attached to a series or any characters to this extent. I believed it does not only apply to me, but also to the others. How rare is it that a series could etched to the audiences' mind even up till thus, and just really made all the audiences so into the characters and storyline? I went to search all sorts of related news/articles recently and I found many comments and views towards noregrets and sherayne that I can relate to and I think I should share it here. They really said how I felt :) and I'm elated that there are really so many people all over the world who think and felt like how I did xD ofc, all the other characters shined as well :) An excellent stoyline with an outstanding cast.  After this series, I was feeling sad and lost because I'm just attached to the characters:(

 "It would be only right to say that the entire storyline was well written and developed at the right pace throughout the whole 32 episodes."

"I gotta give you the my utmost salute for being able to be so versatile in portraying different type of characters. "

Scenes of sherayne x)

I got the sudden urge to re-compose the post of "gau mui and lau sing in no regrets" that I composed previously. Hahaa shall see how it goes. 

 Sheren and Wayne pairs up to generate a spark so great that it makes me go mad. I think it's really sweet how lau sing will always be there for gau mui almost each time she faced any diffculties, and how desperate and helpless gau mui can get in order to save lau sing. (especially for her strong personality that does not afraid of anything) This just got to show how important lau sing is to her. The pair of eyes they always exchanged just speaks for everything, for you can sense the longing and yearning they have for each other and the messages behind it they trying to convey. I think it's very hard to bring this out and to even let the audience to feel the this way but they just did. This just really shows how brillant their actings are. x)

 They had mentioned in many interviews that they dont really communicate much before fliming. They just did their own researches on the characters, but they just came out to be in such great chemistry. This just got to prove that they are terrific artists with natural acting talents and solid performances. Also, not everyone is able to pull off being a drug addict and sheren just managed to do it so naturally that you can even feel her pain.

Shall share what others think about sherayne. They totally speaks my heart out x) heheee!

 "there were many scenes i thought both of them could have hugged, but they didn’t.  I wished they hugged during the boat scene, but aww… their eyes already speak for their longing for each other."

"Wayne and Sheren’s chemistry is amazing, as per usual. They can say so much just by looking at each other. I mean, I wish they’d say more but I’ll take what I can get! I also loved the part where Sheren asked Wayne who he gave the other fake bomb to. It was like she was momentarily jealous hahaha. And his reply was as if he knew she was jealous! Haha! Or this could all be in my head, I’m just in awe of their chemistry!"

"Wayne and Sheren’s chemistry practically spills over on screen! So awesome! They can convey so much with just the way they look at each other. And I find it funny that Wayne is always asking Sheren to not always think about others and think abt herself instead but he himself is always thinking abt her and Ching Ching over himself :P "

"And I’ve seen a lot of Wayne and Sheren scenes so far and I was touched to see how Wayne always throws himself to protect Sheren when he always tell Sheren to care more about yourself."

"omg omg, sheren and wayne are really going to drive me mad with their amazing chemistry! XD "
many other comments/views that are going to take forever if I am going to list let's move on to year 2011? xD

In year 2011, my favourite series shall be lives of omission~

As you know, lives of omission is a police series and all tvb police series are just enticing and amazing. The storyline is very intriguing and puzzling. You will never know what's going to happen next and it just *BOOM* out of a sudden and makes you go *WOW!*
As usual, Michael Tse protrayed as an undercover. Bosco protrayed as a villian in this series but no doubt he loves kate deeply. Kate protrayed as a capable lawyer. Fala protrayed as a police (madam) and she was in a relationship with Laughing kor (Michael Tse). Damien protrayed as a police too. The cast, as well as the storyline, are strong and solid, it's definitely worth to watch! :)

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