Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Missing you

I'm currently using my phone to comprehend this post may be a short post hahaha

Anw missing you talks about a training service organization established its service to exclusively assist individuals to locate their missing family members who have been separated due to wars, natural disasters, relocation or other exceptional family circumstances. The members of organization includes SZE YIK-HIM (Jason Chan) which often people call him as "SZE HENG", HONG YU-FUNG (Linda Chung), KIT-CHING (Cilla Kung) and a computer expert YEUNG TSZ-KEI (Calvin Chan). 

This was a rather touching series and i cried so many times while watching it. It's so heartwarming and well, it makes you to appreciate the people around you more. Yu Fung (Linda Chung) was so cute in this series. She portrayed this role  alive and often, I was being dragged into the storyline by her. I clearly know how she felt and whenever she cries, I started crying too. Her voice her fantastic. I was so so addicted to the theme song of this series - 幸福歌 that I even starts singing it now everyday :P I love how the song was played at the right time with the subsequently increasing volume at appropriate times throughout this series and especially at the last episode. (the part when SZE HENG (Jason) was frantically searching for YU FENG (Linda)
The individual case on how they reunites back with their family members are pretty special. Many times, I didn't expect it to turn out this way but it did. It always started off with making you feel puzzled, which captures the audience's attention and heart and makes them to crave for more episodes. 

I know this was a series that was aired at quite sometime back but...haha cuz I was busy! Anw pictures time! ^^ 

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