Sunday, 1 September 2013

Triumph in the skies ep6-10

Episodes 6-10 are hilarious too! hahaha! Especially the part where they saw summer (myolie) and they all thought it was Su Yi. hahaha! And how hard they tried to stop Captain Tong (Franics) from meeting Summer (myolie) hahaha and Ron's expression in this series is super hilarious xD I always laughed at his scenes!
when Captain Tong finally met summer (myolie)... I thought they won't meet but they did. It is kinda fated I think? Franics's acting is really good!

Triangel xD landed on Holiday's (Fala) hand

JIM JIM (HIM LAW) Hahahaha! He's so cute! All the girls are fangirling over him and 2 of his fans even kissed him. He then went blushed and shy that he went to hide inside the cute can he be! hahaha I kept laughing XD

Another hilarious scene that I would remember! Roy (Kenneth Ma) had many girlfriends in this series. So he was rushing from one place to another to meet his other girlfriend. And I rmb he spoke to the driver in Chinese XD He even held me a wad of notes to ask the driver to surpass the taxi in front in order for him to reach the place earlier than his girlfriend. The driver then went speeding and he lost his balance on the taxi XD HAHAHA and he went vomiting the moment he alighted XD

HAHAHA!!! XD Fala sneaked into his room and when Captain Tong (Francis) came in, she went lying with that exaggerating posture on his bed XD She then act blur and asked Francis why he is in her room when that is Francis room XD Francis's expression is priceless when he saw FALA XD

Another scene XD Holiday (Fala) finally met Summer (myolie) and she was shocked and frightened. At the same time, triangel appeared mysteriously back to her bag when she obviously left it at some place (forgot the place) so she went praying to the doll XDXD HAHAHA. I was laughing all the way at this scene XD

When holiday (Fala) thought Samuel/Captain Tong (Francis) had found his partner XD and she was down there happy for him (and this is where and why she left the doll here I think XD)

Holiday: " what do you want again?" *looking suspiciously at Captain cool*
Captain Cool: " I am a very simple person. KAP."
Holiday: "KAP???" *looking puzzled*
Captain Cool: "KISS AGAIN PLEASE" *leans forward to let her kiss*
Holiday: *shakes her head and SLAP him* SLAP, STUPID LIKE A PIG! *walk away like a boss*
Anw, a video of it! Hahaha I uploaded this and many other pics on instagram as well! So if you've an instagram account,  feel free to follow! :)
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