Monday, 18 November 2013


I've been drafting this post sometime back, and it's now published! TVB had 2014 sales presentation and all the TVB artists dressed fashionably in their own unique way and style to attend this sales presentation!
One of the most popular onscreen couple now. KENTA :D

Saw many comments stating that they were soooo excited to see kevin to pair with charmine again!!

Many getting excited over them too, due to tits2!!

Look at Linda's smile. It's really so sweettttt and she's so cute okay. The way she smiles, it's just so adorable:)

Another popular paring due to brother's keeper.

I love the color of the dress Natalie's wearing. And the parting of her hair with the accessories and the thickness of the make up, I think all of them fit tgt.

Niki never failed to shine on the stage! She has the height and ofc she looked good in all these long dresses. Her hairstyle suited her too. However, I think she should pair with bosco instead since ACOH is a 2013 drama right?.... all of them were paired according to the 2013 series...

LF looks so cuteeee hahahah

Look at fung's expression!

Fung still looking cute hahahahaaaa

Linda still looking cute with her pose ^^

why is linda looking so cute in all shots? hahahaa


Looking cuteeee hahahah I am smiling to my screen

Bosco x Niki. One of my fav pairing hehhh!

Again, linda looks so cutee:)

Pictures credits to weibo with all the respective users stating at the bottom right of the pictures!

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