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Brother's Keeper Review

Finally have some time to catch up on my dramas yayyyy! Hahaaaa! I think nobody can truly understand how tiring am I (only my course people do) and I looked really horrendous, I only had maximum 3hours of sleep for 8-9 consecutive days and everyone really got a shock when they saw me. That's really insane.

 Anyway,  Brother's Keeper is really a nice drama and I am so glad I watched it! :D (it took me only one day to watch about 20episodes? Hahaaa. Do not have a lot of time and have to finish it in a day xD)  Brother's Keeper don't keep you in suspense for too long, it's very fast paced, and it does give you the thrill feeling! ;)  This was one of the main reason why I enjoyed it so much! I love how it also include the true historical events that were set against the era! :)

As for the casts’ performance, My bias is Linda so of course I would rate her higher than most people!
Haha, but as a perspective of a non-linda fan, I would still think that Linda did very well in this role as she delivered a solid performance to the audiences. Her role isn't really that challenging and honestly it didn't has much breakthrough...  I don't think Rachel is really focused throughout the series.... but I can see her hard work and her acting has really improved! I can really feel her sadness in her crying scenes. It's not just tears streaming down her face anymore. I can feel more than that. The disappointment in her when she found out what Sam did....I can feel it. I can feel her devastation when she broke up with Sam. I can feel her despair. I can feel her happiness and her "in love" mood when she was dating Sam. I believed most people felt it as well too! As for Ruco, he did a great job as the main lead with convincing acting. He is no doubt a solid lead actor. Louise Lee, haha no need for me to elaborate on that. Her acting definitely gained recognition! :)

Moving on to the storyline.
Firstly, I thought it would take a long time for Sam (Ruco), Rachel (Linda) and Ah Shun (Edwin) to get to know each other when they all went to Macau due to different reasons, but no, very soon they began to know one another and their relationships developed quickly.

Next, I thought it would take a very long time for Sam's biological father's wife to know that Sam was his biological son, but no. Before I know it, everything was exposed. Sam couldn't curb his agitation and went to "expose" all these right into his father's wife's face. It really does give me the thrill when he does that ;) and I didn't expect that the storyline would develop in such a fast pace! But I like it!
Next, I thought it would take a superrrrrr long time for Ah Shun and Sam to reconcile, but I was wrong again! I thought it would just be like any drama, (take diecey business an example, it took more than half of the series for bosco and bobby to reconcile), but, however, not for this drama! I didn't expect this to come so fast too!
Lastly, I thought Sam and Rachel would take a long time before their relationship develops, but no. Both of them fall in love with each other at first sight and they just got attached after meeting each other for a few times. Yet, their relationship is not really forceful, it's pretty natural and sweet at the same time. Sam is really so sweet to Rachel, it's like he was always there for her whenever she needs any help. They have gone through so much, the whole process of Rachel's parents to accept him. It's really a tedious and challenging process, but neither did any side give up in that. Many times, Ruco really give his all, just to prove to everyone that he's capable to achieve what he wants. Really really admire this virtue of his :)

All Ruco did was really for Linda. From the start where he started to look and strive for the chance to get promoted when he was a police officer, till when he became the head of the security department, buying stocks, etc, all he did was to give assurance and prove to Rachel's parents that he's capable to support Rachel, and give her a good life. All he did was for Rachel. I pity him, I really do. He's a good cop. He really is. He didn't harbour any evildoers nor cover up their evil deeds. Even for his master, there was no exception. Is this not good enough? And I think Rachel plays a part for him to make this decision. He then resigned when things were out of his control. He then became the head of the security department in a hotel? Haha and Fabrio? I am not sure how to spell her name lol. Anyway,  I don't think the part when Sam went to find Fabrio on the new year eve's night make any sense, honestly. I mean he loves Rachel so much, he's a smart person, surely he knows that the Fabrio might be out to something, and if Rachel knows that he went to her place on the new year eve, how would Rachel feel? He wouldn't want to do anything to make her sad right? But again, all he did was because of Rachel,  he needs to fulfil Rachel's dreams by having the sum of money to buy the shop for Rachel. He wants to make miracle happen for Rachel.
Sam was the one who disclosed everything to  Rachel... I mean he is very courageous. He was truthful to her because he wants her forgiveness. Taking all the things that Sam did for her......I really think he deserved the forgiveness. He just merely kissed her lips, didn't even sleep with her. And nothing more than that happened because he was clearly aware that he's attached. He loves Rachel. And according to Sam, it's very rare that guys can resist, especially a woman like Fabrio, good figure... high status.... and the ambience at that moment. So I think he deserved.
 I still rmb that he even threw a resign letter to Fabrio when he knows that Fabrio attempts to hurt Rachel. He said he wouldn't want to do anything to make Rachel sad. Aww. I swear its really sweet when he threw the resign letter. I mean, it really proves his love for Rachel.
But later on, it makes even more no sense, when Sam actually slept with Fabrio lol.
And Rachel is already on the verge of forgiving him. It's really a pity. Really.
And after that Sam didn't give up on her. He pretended to be Paul lol and wanting to start afresh with Rachel haha.
And I really pity Sam....He is absolutely a good cop. He had no bad intention since from the start. He loves Rachel. He wants to get promoted badly. He wants to prove his capability. Does he even deserved all these?? He's so good to his brother, Rachel his mom, everyone. 

Ah Shun blamed Sam when he signed the agreement of his company's brand to another company or smth, I mean even if it was Sam's fault, so what?? Without Sam, would Ah Shun survive? He wouldn't have the chance to grow up please lol, he would have died during his childhood phase. Also, Sam is the one who supports him all these while, be it financial or moral support, he never failed to support in whatever he do. And he even gave a huge sum of money to Ah Shun to set up this shop okay? He forgets all the things Sam had done for him? Even when Sam got the President Suite in the hotel, he gave this opportunity for them to enjoy? All the good things he would have think of Ah Shun, all the things he did for Ah Shun, then what Ah Shun did for him?? And also all these time while Sam survived by his own since a teenager, and yet Ah Shun has so much care and love from his parents, he don't know all the hardships Sam had gone through? And the problem is, IT WAS NOT EVEN SAM'S FAULT?! Sam really wants to help Ah Shun, he got absolutely no bad intention, and Ah Shun doubted and even blamed him??? And his mom suffered from a stroke as a result. Sam then teared and feeling remorse and apologetic for his wrongdoings when I didn't even think he did any wrong. Then Ah Shun? He plays a part also okay? He's not even apologetic or anything and he's still mad at Sam?!!? (from the gaze he gave Sam) -.-

Then during the last few episodes, they really thought Sam played a part in the murdering and no trust in Sam? All the things Sam did for both Rachel and Ah Shun and this was what he got in returned?? Ask him to turn in??  The last episode, Rachel called the police when she thought that Sam really kidnapped the both of them. She placed zero trust in him? She knows him for so long yet she has no trust with him? I was quite mad haha. I still don't think Sam deserved all these :(  What about  Kim Sir? He's so bad to Sam and he did so much evils, so where is his karma?

But anyway it's just a drama and I shouldn't be so serious with it, hahahaaa just serious at the moment when I'm watching it, not now anymore. Once again, it's really a good drama with an amazing storyline! :))

I've also watched A time of love (Korea) hehhh LINDAAAA x) Would do a review on that soon! :)

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