Saturday, 18 December 2010

Newspaper few days ago.
"xie xue xin" becomes popular through acting in different kind of vicous,cunning roles.
though she acted many times of evil roles, bt she din get hated/scolded behind , and in fact, she get LOVED by everyone/audience.
she is popular now an even a 2yr old child recognise her!
she started acting in de yr of 1996 and oni signed contract wif TVB in de yr of 2008.
she gets de 最佳女配角 award in de yr of 2009 .
she acts as "dai lailai" in rosy business and gets de recognition by everyone.
everywhere she goes, ppl recognise her/ know her, !
One day whn she takes lift , there was a mother wif a 2yr old son, who takes de same lift as her. her mother asked de son" do u know/recognise her"?
son: "yes,"dailailai" ma, haha".
and there were laughters in de lift.
she was pleased wif her results and achievements she had today. passers along de streets, all get to knw her.. she oso get de asia award of 最佳女配角 (?) nt sure,as de role (taiwantaihou) she played in(gongxiji) in de yr 2009.
Mosses respected her and brew her coffe every night.
Mosses brew her a cup of coffe every night whn they were flimming shows(gongxiji),
she oso added tht she lik mosses and admire his talent. she said tht" pai gua" oso treated her "motherly" as they act as mother and son in rosy business, and she oso treated him lik a biological son.
there were many more, bt apparently i forget abt it, sorry. :x
you cn read de article above, fr more detailed details.
看不懂英文的人,你可以读以上的报章, 是一样的。我只是翻译,给看不懂华文的人看。谢谢!

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