Friday, 17 December 2010

Heyys, i have make a poll here to vote fr ur fav tvb drama in de year of 2010. wna to mke it in chi words bt de application simplys does nt allow/accept. so,ya. sorry abt tht. & wht are u waiting for? quickly start to vote and de deadline is by next yr 01/01/2011. quickly vote and de results will come out by next yr! :D
我做了这个来让你们投选你们最喜爱的2010年TVB 电视剧,我本来是想弄华文的,但是它不收华文字,所以非常抱歉,如你看不懂,就告诉我们,我会替你们翻译。恩,快投吧,日期到01/01/2011, 明年成绩就会揭晓了^^
Best TVB Drama in 2010
The Season of Fate
My Better Half
A Fistful of Stances
Fly with Me
The Mysteries of Love
When Lanes Merge
Beauty Knows No Pain
Every Move You Make
Gun Metal Grey
A Watchdog's Tale
Sisters of Pearl
Ghost Writer
A Pillow Case of Mystery II
In the Eye of the Beholder
The Beauty of the Game
Some Day
Can't buy me love
No Regrets
Twilight Investigation
Links to Temptation
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