Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Newspaper updated on 13dec2010.
Title "Though Mai Chang Jin 麦长青 is popular, he did not earn much $"
Newspaper reported that Though he becomes popular overnight , due to his role played in no regrets as "Leong Fei Fan" plus he gets de recognition by everyone and gets de award. However he did not get a rise in his pay and his monthly pay is relatively low. He did not get any more outstanding or special role for him to play next year and de ch...ances to see him appearing on tv is rather slim.

MY VIEWS: well it was rather sad to hear this. as his acting was great and he is funny. He is oso modest and does not get haughty easily, he oso added that all de crdits was owned to others and not himself when he get the award. well, he was not bad after alll:))

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