Sunday, 26 December 2010

Raymond Lam having his concert in singapore

Raymond Lam is going to held his concert in singapore, 26th Feb 2011.
KateTsui will be his special host that night, and wears only BRA-TOP.

Raymond Lam is going to have his first concert held in singapore, next year 2011, 26thFEB.
His most expensive ticket was sold at the price of $228, which was even more expensive than JayChou's concert. It's a sure that rumours will be spreading round within this period of time, (till 26thfeb) about this topic.He added that he will sing chinese songs that night and not just purely catonese songs. Besides singing chinese songs, he is inviting KATETSUI to be his special host that night and they are going to have a HOT SEXY DANCE! They are going to have many body contacts during the dance, from back to back, leg to leg, etc which is similar to de picture above. KATETSUI is going to wear just only her BRA-TOP on that night. Many people is enticing!

MYVIEWS: I think I'm not going. cause, it's too ex, and it's gonna be a hetic year for me next year, i need to focus more on my studies. lastly, i believe this concert will turn out to be smoothly and perfectly.!

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