Saturday, 19 November 2011


Yes, TVB best actor/actress nominations list are out!
Vote fr all ur fav TVB celebrities! :)
Anw, every year's awardees are more or less predictable.

My prediction for this year best male actors in the final round will be :

- Kevin cheng
- RaymondLam

- Moses Chan


Female Awards

My prediction:

- Linda Chung

- Tavia Yeung

- Fala Chen

- Kate Tsui

- Myolie Wu

Yupp. It's quite hard to say who will be the winner fr this year. Everyone's compliment is just average, and everyone has its own supporters too. In the previous years, there will definitely be HOT canditates and hot topic abt who will be the winner. mainly between about 2 people. Their supporters will also be really supportive and its considered as the winner fr that year even befr that day of prize-presentation. but this year, its slightly different, everyone stands a chance, everyone has equal opportunity. so yup! Kinda special this year ! Quite anticipating!

For me, this is just my point of view, u dont have to support my view, but i think bosco deserve the award. everyone's performance this yr is just average, and so, it seems to be make bosco the outstanding one. I like bosco, the way he smirks and the way he talks, he's rly portraying his role well. And since he's crippled, the way he moves does not exaggerate too much. It's pretty natural. Esp for the last episode whr his hand got wheeled over by a wheelbarrow thing(?) i got absolute idea wht it's. The way he shouts and the agony he has is absolutely good. I seems to "ouch" for him too when im watching it myself. I think bosco had definiely meet the criteria of a gd actor - to make the audience seems to be experiencing wht had happened inside the show. so, i think he really acts well and he deserved the award. Compare to all the others dramas he acted in previously, his acting really improved tremendously. His role inside really makes me crazy over him! yes. He's freaking awsome and hot. The way he shows his love for kate, my heart melts too. Haha. i think im crazy. and the way he talks sweetlyand gently to kate. Everytime when they tease each other, the "^^" look, i really thinks he acted verywell.

the way he expressed his love to kate but not by diagloues, but through his expression, facial expression, his eyes, his mouth, the way he contorted his face, feeling sad , disappointed, arrogant. He's really (y) making me speechless. And for the second last epi, whr kate conveyed to him about the news of the lost of their child, he was actually opening a champagne, but he suddenly like stops, pause , stunned, shocked, and the look he give. Yupp. pretty well acted. and yah.i always lokked up upon gd acting celebrities. i will specially rewind just to look at their actings. i will always lookout for celebrties'actings no matter in any show.


Yes. as for best drama award, i think LIVE OF OMISSION shd deserve the award.. frm the start whn all the undercovers gets exposed, and slowly they showed that they are the undercovers. Fyi, there are ALOT of undercovers inside. it's so unexpected and u will like "oh! so this is the undercover!" the amazing and apprehension u get the minute u know is so undescrible. and thr are many unexpected twisting points to make u stunned. and the point whr u think, "oh, die. " and the point whr u ge so terrfied and tesne, that ur hands turned clammy,

then sudd someone/sth would appear to stop everything and to turn the situation to the police's advantage. Then u will like "wow!" and ur heartbeat will almost stopped at that moment.
HAHAHA! I know im exaggerating. but i really thinks this is an awesome drama, and it's definitely recommend to be watch! :D yah. so other dramas could not hold a handle to LIVE OF OMISSION, definitely.

Yah. End of my post and views. Been a long time since this empty space is being filled. (: im really busy! Anw did i mention, our country is currently showing ROSYBUSINESS? YES? one of the best drama too. with good casts inside. sheren+wayne!

I really cant stopped myself frm expressing my views towards these. esp fr TVB stuffs. Hope y'all enjoyed, as im really enjoyed during this process of expressing and typing out (:

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