Thursday, 29 December 2011

Firstly, LINDA wished you a MERRYXMAS ! Though christmas is over, but well, merry belated christmas then :)It was obtained frm linda's fb fanpage.

Charmine failed to snatch ppl's husband andte only way was to workhard to earn money.
Based on the drama of consuming human's flesh- Havena and Earth, was being said to imply to discriminate china's history. thus, it had been removed in many china's website. Eg) Tudou, Fushion.
MICHAELTSE : Bosco refused to shared his personal affairs with me.

This was the shots i snapped in today's MYPAPER. I only translate the title. Will translate the contents soon. Ohwell, my pageviews hitters had dropped tremendously. ): I really felt depressed. I devoted so much time in here and yet, no one was viewing it. Others' TVB site was so popular, then why my like no one reads? :(( sigh.

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