Saturday, 24 December 2011

Firstly, a MERRYCHRISTMAS to all TVBFANS! Made a banner fr christmas. but sadly, i actually missed out alot of tvb celebrities there. Myolie,kevin,raymondwong,charminesheh,bowielam,nancywu,katetsui,sherentang,moseschan
,bobby, and many more. I actually wanted to include all of them. but appraently, the banner doesnt manage to include so many people. all maybe prb lies with my skills? sigh. anw, u guys wun say im bias on bosco anymore, becuz this banner doesnt include him. *laughs*. but i actually did okay, i swear! but becasue his face looks rly dark, and thus, i extract out his face. sigh! so yup, hope u will enjoy ur christmas. well, quite enjoyed mine actually.


Fala was featured on one of the mag, Iweekly. thinking to share this with u guys. pretty awesome. Fala was being interviewed.

Interviewer: " When reporters snapped you secretly, you actually did the same do them"?

FALA: "yeah, that explained why I offended many reporters."

Interviewer: " To actually do it, it requires alot of guts, how did u manage to do it?"

Fala: "I used to study in the states. In the states, they emphasised alot on privacy and rights. I felt that I'm being affected. What all the reporters did were absolutely wrong. It as my privacy. I did nothing. What rights they had to do this to me?"

Interviewer: " Who are considered as your friends in the TVB entertainment?"

FALA: " StevenMa. He was fliming in the mainland earlier on. Two says ago, he called to chck about my health and conditions. I would always meetup with him to catchup and have a meal. I treated him as my brother."

Interviewer: "What type of person you are in reallife?"

FALA: " My character was very starightforward. My actions also looked boyish. many times, i wasnt as thoughful as the other girls."

Interviewer:" Last year, u managed to receive the best supporting actress award in noregrets. This year. you finally get to the final round of top5 in the best female award,and yet the award just slip out of your hands. So it is still not your time yet?"

FALA:" Wow. Why is it not my time yet? My chance and luck had never stopped. Many seniors only got their chances after at least of 10years of hardships. I entered TVBentertainment for only 5years, all the roles I had was hard to handle, if the number of roles i had could be decreased, I would be able to manage and understand every of my roles and scripts better.

Interviewer: " what do u think the reason to deprive of your award this year?"

FALA: " perhaps it's the lack of time and experience. People loved mdm Jo was because of LAUGHINGOR, and not mdmJO. People supported mdmJo was all because of laughing. To say i was very engrossed the role of MDMJO? definitely not. I would only rate myself at most 70marks.

Interviewer: " Which do u think is ur best role?"

FALA:" best role? I should say the most focused time when Im fliming. Its actually the role of "qingqing" in noregrets. LOO was harder as it was a policedrama."

Fala also added she cant accept the reporters to criticise her character. She could accept people criticising her actings and looks, but she cant accept people criticising her character. Saying that I looked ugly is just your own personal opinion, but to write about I was schemed and envious? They had absolutely no right to judge!

That was the end of interview. Fala was really very blunt. she actully sput out all her thoughts, without afarid to offend anyone. Love her character. If u understand chi, u can actually click the picture fr a larger view to read it yourself. :)

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