Saturday, 10 December 2011



Wonder why i randomly pick up this drama? becuz my country is currently showing and i cant help but to reminice (omg, forget how to spell ) it. It's so hell awesome and yup. There's a part whr wayne spare pieree's (omg, dk how spell again) life. I get really pissed off. Its like totally no sense in anw. Got so angry. Pieree shd just die at that moment. There's no way where his life shd be spared! But beside this, all the high climax and unexpected turning point was so stunning! It just make u goes arrrghhghghg! and ur jaws dropppeddddd. Hehe. It's much 10X more awesome than u could imagine. This is the only drama that depicts the old era that i watched. and this is the drama that makes me accept all those other types of old eras dramas. ( i dont use to watch them) . Yup! This drama was fantastically well written and flimed. I love the part whr wayne brings the whole group of his brothers with a wooden stick lighted. The morale and th ambience (Y) !! and the way and ankle they flimed were just so astonishing! Yup, beside that, wayne's acting was just beyond words could describe ! His actings really deserved our respect ! In conclusion , this was one of the best TVB drama TVB had produced. if u havent watched it, what are u waiting for? For people who had watched it, what are u waiting for too? Go watch it the second, third and fourth times! :D

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