Sunday, 11 December 2011

Wayne Lai

"I does not really like Wayne, but he became one of my favorite actors when I saw him in ROSYBUSINESS. He basically stole the show and I have been rooting for him ever since. His popularity soared since starring in one of my fav TVBdrama- Rosy Business and No Regrets and got him back to back Best Actor wins for the TVB awards. Although Wayne has gotten many offers to film in mainland, he prefers to stay in Hong Kong because he doesn't want to be away from his son for too long. He also doesn't have to worry that much about money since he gets many endorsement deals, such as the one for the health ad below. "

Bascially the reason i quote the above paragraph, is simply becuz I got it everything from AC's site ! I just slightly changed some of the words ( based on my own preference )
Reason why i repost this is becuz i JUST watched rosybusiness and i really love him alot ! I loved his amazing actings in rosybusiness ! Though chinese version just made a huge difference as compared to cato. It spoilt the whole part of high climax and stuffs. I had no idea how they translate it. It somehow just made a huge difference. but I Succumb to the temptations and still watched it.

I also loved AC's way of posting ! His english was so good ! :D
Okay. I missed entirely 3 chances of meeting wayne in reallife. my friend actually asked me to tag along with a big grp of fans to see&support wayne whr he visited sg lastyear. If u know , i had been ranting abt it since then. They even managed to take alot of pictures with wayne and wayne even mentioned them on his TVBblog! I could be the one of them! But well, there's no way i can changed the fact by rewinding back the time isint it? (ohyah, first picture of this post was the only picture by me! ^^ )

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