Saturday, 17 December 2011

So well, my better half actually focus on a Pharmaceutical company employee CHING SUM (Michael Miu), which he has an overbearing wife, KO LAI SUM (Maggie Cheung). In order not to fight head-on with her, he has been playing ostrich in their seven years of marriage. LAI SUM, however, has never stopped trusting him, and getting paranoid frequently. She always believes he is fooling around behind her back. SUM’s younger brother, CHING YEE (Michael Tse), laughs at SUM's innoncence and loyalty a lot, but he also feels sorry for his plight, and gives him practical advices whenever he can. One day, SUM is caught red-handed in Shenzhen by LAI SUM, who proposes to divorce him! YEE always claims he has never lost in the game of love, until he meets MIU LING CHI (Teresa Lee), a newly recruited management staff of the company. YEE loses bitterly this time, and almost loses his job, too.

So that bascially summarises the 20episodes. In my opinion, this was quite a great drama with quite a strong cast inside. Cast really played an important role. If not because of double michaels , maggiechung, i would not be even watching this drama. You must be wondering why would the hell I would select such an old drama to watch, instead to watch dramas that tvb produced recently? It was because this was reommended by my friend-xiaolin. She was also a tvbfan too. I recommend my brother to watch it too since he recommend me alot of nice movies and dramas! My brother is being a nasty bastard by always telling me all the endings of the tvbdramas which i have not watch. It's pretty annoying isint it? Something i need to add on. The four mainleads each protrayed their roles verywell. Love the part whr michaelmiu "pretend" to be xiaoge inside emergencyunit. Its not pretend actually, it was just him ! That part was super hilarious.Michaeltse, maggiechung and even gigi (her name inside) acts very well and super hilarious! ACtngs played a BIG role to make this drama hilarious. They all managed to get this. So bascially frm ep1-10, it had been hilarious all the way. Started loosing abit of interest on ep12. It slowly gets a lil boring. but overall, this was quite a perfect drama. and please, u need to catch it in cato version. Though i had not tried chi vesion, but i can predict it wll be a disaster! Overall i would rate this 7.5/10 . Want to watch ? Uptoyou. :)

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