Monday, 12 December 2011

This is the drama that i had just finished watching, and The reason was because Im too busy. main reason why i watched it was becuz of bowielam and partly becuz of pierre. His role inside river of wine cant help but to let me think of "Bi Wen" in rosy business. It was exactly the same, except for the outcome of their fate. One is dead, another is alive. In the river of wine, pierre finally woke up from his sense and turned over a new leaf at the very last minute, after he landed to the plight he was in- loosing everything and everyone around him who cares for him. Unlike in rosybusiness, he nvr admitted to his mistakes, and thus, he get what he deserved - to burn to death .In my opinion, Bowie's acting was the selling point of this show. His acting had never veen doubt since the day i got to know him in TVB . the first drama i know him was the gem of life. I still rmbered the day vividly when i asked my parents, "who's lingbaoyi ? " ( bowielam's chinese name) then my parents answered, "lingbaoyi lor. His acting vgd one" and thus, from that day ownwards, i hd been observing his acting, and it proved the remarks that my parents gave was right. I believed his actings gained many audience's recgnition too.But his fate and luck wasnt there. TVB didnt even think to glorify him by letting him to participate in any outstanding roles or dramas. TVB even postpone his dramas over the years, so that people would forget him after sucha long time. But still, he managed to receive an award in the year of 04/05/06 ? ( couldnt rmb the exact year ) yup. he finally decided to step out of TVB's entertainment world and spent the rest of his life without participating in any TVB dramas. ( according to my memory. I read it from somewhere, but pardon me if i got it wrong ) . was quite sad knowing that i cant see him anymore in any of the upcoming TVB dramas. The only way was to rewatch all of those past dramas he acted in. Hence, I decided to rewatch gem of life and war in beauty ! Hehe! So many dramas i wanted to rewatch, and watch. A long list of dramas is waiting for me! :D

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