Wednesday, 25 January 2012

HAPPY CNY !! Firstly, a happy cny to all tvb fans. Specially feature raymond and tavia for this special occasion. Pretty love the picture up thr. Dont you? :)

Found quite a few news related to TVB's celebrities. Will translate them when i had time. Ofc, if you do understand chinese, feel free to read it yourself. Its pretty clear. :)





Decided to include LouisKoo's interview here. He's one of my fav actor. Love how he looks, forever so dashing and attractive, esp his dimples. His acting was outstanding too. And, Im gonna catch the few cny movies up thr soon! ^^

Lastly, I gonna end this post with Linda's ( MR) calender. I made it myself. It looks kinda awesome isint it? :)

Hope all of you enjoy ur cny celebrations. :)

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