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One of the best picture on this 3sisters. :)

Totally flawless cast
So I had finally finished rewatching 82 episodes of it. This drama is kinda great. Didnt really comprehend all the negative remarks towards this drama. It was considered one of the best drama, with totally a flawless cast in it. But to be frank, some parts were quite draggy. I watch mostly BowieLam and ofc, other interesting and intriguing scenes. There were actly alot of high climax in it, it's so unpredictable and unexpected.

All these pictures looked awesome.

Talking about GEM OF LIFE, BowieLam was the main reason for me to rewatch this drama. To me, I think he was the best actor among this flawless cast. The way he speaks, and his expressions and the tone, it was just perfect. He can made the drama seems so hilarious and tensed. And the part whr he appeared were just the best part and scenes of this drama.

He controls his emotions so damn well. See? (all the pictures above and below) The faces to make ppl to have the feeling to bash him, to pity him, to laugh. His acting was just simply great!

So, scenes when the 3 of them were the only scenes tht I didnt skip AT ALL.

Lastly, this was one of the best couple. I think they really had strong chemistry between them, and yes. Maggie acting was outstanding too! The part whr she cries just seems so naturally. She seldom rly cries , as she had a strong character. If I didnt rmb wrongly, she just merely cried 3-5 times inside this 82episodes! One is whr she is pregeant, another is whn Ada's child died, another is on the last episode whn bowie asked her to wait for him. I believed there's about 1-2 more cried scenes which i had forgotten.

Just cant stopped laughing at Bowie's actions and expressions.

Last third picture was the scene on the last episode, and i totally couldnt believed I teared. This was like the first time in my life whr I cried while watching a drama. *laughs* . Caused I was like skipping all the way, as i had forgotten if "sylvia and calvin" did patch back at the end. So all the scenes i watched was only based on them. So, the suspension was keeping me as i watched (like how they slowly patched back, and how their love and care towards each other grew back again, etc and how eager i wished to know the outcome) So based on how i watched was, firstly, all the diffculties they faced and how syliva loves him and all she had did for him, so all the way when their "love story" build, till the moment whn he patched back with (sylvia) . It was seriously damn touching. So, i actly rewind back to reminisce back the touching scenes, but somehow the sceond time, i didnt got touched anymore. *laughs again*. Its kinda strange. So well, I seriously think this is a gd drama. There's no rly any main topic for this drama, and just depictis all the rich people fighting among themselves, not those people snatching among their own family (like common type). So this idea is quite unique and special. Furthermore, this drama just mainly focus on the "3 sisters", which was seriously, quite limited. So with a 82episodes drama, and based on the focusing points on just 3-sisters, this was already a near to perfect drama. But, different people had different point of views, so this was only my pov :) , you can not agree with what I said too! :)

End this post with awesome bowie and maggie picture! See how Bowie get really depressed (it can be seen clearly in his eyes)


Im going to made a video featuring Bowie and Maggie (based on this drama) So excited now! Hehehe.
Bye! :)

-Pictures credit to GOOGLE, -LastpictureONLY credit to GraphixFocus. (I combine them in one)

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