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Wayne Lai

Wayne Lai is really a terrific and talented actor. He entered TVB in 1983 as a clerk in the business department. In 1985, he gave up the job and trained in the TVB acting school. He starred in a few series in 1989. He started out in some minor roles, and took on some more significant roles later on. He has left TVB and entered the movie industry. Although those films are low-cost, these years provided a variety of roles and experiences to him. He finally get his recognition in the year 2008 where he clinched a best supporting actor award and 2009, when he finally gets his first best actor award in Rosy Business. His popularity also soared rapidly during this period of time.

  • The confidant (TVB, 2012)
  • King Maker  (TVB, 2012)
  • Forensic Heroes III  (TVB, 2011)
  • Someday(TVB, 2010)
  • No Regrets (TVB, 2010)
  • Rosy Business (TVB, 2009)
  • The Greatness of a Hero (TVB, 2008)
  • Pages of Treasures (TVB, 2008)
  • Off Pedder (TVB, 2008)
  • Moonlight Resonance (TVB, 2008)
  • The Gentle Crackdown II (TVB, 2008)
  • Steps (TVB, 2007)
  • Best Selling Secrets (TVB, 2007)
  • Best Bet (TVB, 2007)
  • Devil's Disciples (TVB, 2007)
  • Safe Guards (TVB, 2006)
  • Trimming Success (TVB, 2006)
  • When Rules Turn Loose (TVB, 2005)
  • Scavenger's Paradise (TVB, 2005)
  • Fantasy Hotel (TVB, 2005)
  • The Conqueror's Story (TVB, 2005)
  • The Gentle Crackdown (TVB, 2005)
  • To Love with No Regrets (TVB, 2004)
  • Hidden Treasures (TVB, 2004)
  • Seed of Hope (TVB, 2003)
  • Greed Mask (TVB, 2003)
  • Showbiz Tycoon (ATV, 2000)
  • Anti-Crime Squad (TVB, 1999)
  • Journey to the West 2 (TVB, 1998)
  • Journey to the West (TVB, 1996)
  • File of Justice IV (TVB, 1995)
  • To Love with Love (TVB, 1995)
  • The Vampire Returns (TVB, 1993)
  • Rage and Passion (TVB, 1992
  • The Challenge of Life (TVB, 1990)


    No Regrets... He really protrayed the role very well. He always did research for all his roles so that he can understand the role better so as to give his best performance to the audience. He's really a commited actor that brings his best out to all the audience and his supporters. You can really relate to how he felt and in fact, you will be touched by his actings especially in no regrets.


    Currently crazy over wayne now :)) He's really a terrific actor who have outstanding actings. Looking at how commited and how much effort and hard work he puts in every role makes me love him to the core. It doesnt mean that he dont give his best to the small supporting roles. In fact, if you look back, you can tell he really put in effort to all his roles and tries his best to present the performance to the audience. He starts from partcipating in a small supoorting role, up till thus, he finally got his recognition and starts receiving all the main leads series. This journey was long, but he didnt complain or whine about it. Instead, he was grateful for all the experiences and obstacles that shaped out who he was today and he was more than contented and thankful for it. I did not get inspired just by his actings, but also his attitude and perspectives. Not only his outstanding acting attracts me, his character and personality attracts me more. Based on what I heard, he's really someone with gratitude and is an easy-going actor. He use purely hardships to gain recognition and he believed everyone deserves equal chances and no one should feel inferior than the other. He also has great sense of humour and I think he did a good job being a host in the concert. I like how he's humble and how friendly he was to greet his fans and supporters.

    Loved seeing them to pair up together :) They have really great chemistry and both of them agreed to it too. Had been watching many of their interviews/news recently and both of them revealed that they had really great chemistry. Sheren said that she felt really comfortable and relaxed when she was working with wayne because it's sort of they complements each other so well that she dont have be so worried of it. She added that she finally found such a great partner after many years in the entertainment industry. They could clearly understand each other and they will try to suit with each other as and when they can. Wayne will always try to suit her :) heh! hahaha madly in love with them again after rewatching noregrets for the 12345678 times. Watching the confidant now, love wayneeee! :D

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