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Wayne Lai Admits His Acting in “The Confidant” Was Lackluster

In 2013, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) hopes to surpass his own acting skills in Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄3> and walk away with the TV King title for the fourth time.
In an interview with Ming Pao, Wayne revealed his work plans for 2013. The workaholic Wayne derives pleasure from working and strives to improve on his own acting in the new year. This year, he will be filming producer Lee Tim Shing’s (李添勝) Rosy Business 3. Despite a major overhaul of TVB personnel, which sees the exit of famed scriptwriter, Cheung Wah Biu (張華標) and female lead, Sheren Teng (鄧萃雯), Wayne hopes Rosy Business 3 will be able to enjoy equally good ratings as its predecessors. Working with a different cast and crew, including costar, Myolie Wu, Wayne hopes to scale new heights in his acting.
Performance in “The Confidant” Lacking
Winning the TV King title for the third time does not make Wayne complacent; it only pushes him to challenge himself further. He confessed, “Do you think I’m good in The Confidant <大太監> ? I know myself. That was not my best performance yet.”
Wayne alluded his lackluster acting in The Confidant to his lack of time to self-reflect. His normal preparation for a role involves doing research by reading books and watching DVD, Wayne could not find the time due to his busy work schedule last year. “Every character is different. By not reflecting on the past roles I play, I will be doing the same thing for the next role and that is a trap. I don’t want to be stuck in that trap. That’s why I am now thinking how I can break through in Rosy Business 3.”
Grateful to Variety Show Producers
Prior to filming The Love Firm <傳愛事務所>, Wayne had 3 months of break from TVB. He used that time to film movie, Hero of the Beggars <丐世英雄> in Malaysia. Following that, he traveled to Canada and the mainland China for stage performances.
On top of that, Wayne gave up the chance to enjoy a vacation with his family by guest- appearing in several variety shows. Wayne smiled bitterly, “Debt of gratitude is the worst kind of debt – you never can fully repay!” Wayne was referring to the “debt” he owed to the producers of the Super Trio series. When he was not such a popular artist years ago, the producers often invited Wayne to the variety show, giving him work and at the same time, exposing him to the Hong Kong audience. Partly grateful and partly because of his workaholic nature, he could not reject the producers now.
Nevertheless, Wayne still hopes to be able to go on a summer vacation with his family after filming of Rosy Business 3 completes in July.

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Thoughts: Wayne is really a responsible actor omg love him!!! :))

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