Saturday, 31 August 2013

Linda's LOVELOVELOVE concert part3

My main point of all the concert posts is to share with you guys all the fantastic pictures that are taken all over the world and posted all over the different websites. I personally love them a lot and I hope you guys love it as well! ;) All the pictures are from different respective users. The owner of the picture can be seen on the picture itself (bottom right), all from weibo. Linda is just simply too gorgeous and cute. She can just dress so simply without very thick make up or any exaggerating outwears tinkling here and there and yet she still shine on stage (definitely) and looking fabulous. She's amazing!:) 
Lin Xia Wei's weibo


GreenCheung's weibo. Some of the backstage scenes. Linda's cute ^^
Nancy and Linda. Nancy look so pretty as well. I love her hair length ^^

Shirley's weibo
Elanne's weibo



Phillip's Ng weibo. 
 "Linda Chung's Love Love Love Concert 8.23.2013. You were perfect tonight! All your hard work and prayers had definitely made you shine on stage! Congrats on a great show! [good][good][good][good][good]"

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