Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Linda's LOVE LOVE LOVE Concert Part1

I believed many of you know that Linda's first ever concert- LINDA CHUNG LOVE LOVE LOVE CONCERT was held at the KITEC on August 22nd. Linda had been preparing for it since a long time ago (practicing with all her steps etc) and I'm really happy for her to disclose it successfully!  It was really a pity that I couldn't make to it because I believe it was simply awesome and amazing.
 really wonderful pictures of Linda during her concert to share here!! I decided to split her concert post into parts cuz there are too many pictures. So, ARE YOU READY??? Hehe.

You can simply click on it for the full size picture!

I really love her outfits. She can just simply pull off with anything (dress, shirt (sleeves or sleeveless), shorts or long pants, just ANYTHING) and yet it would just fit her so perfectly. I really love her turquoise hat and short. It just look so sweet on her and I love turquoise (ofc) haha! Many of the other tvb artists : Grace Wong, Shirley Yeung, Nancy Sit, Jinny Ng, Alfred Hui, Chris Lai and William Chak went to support her too, how sweet! :')
Anyway, pictures credit to CALRORO @ You can also see her watermark on each of the picture!

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