Thursday, 8 August 2013

Triumph in the skies II

How is Triumph in the skies II so far? I haven't start watching yet and  I can't wait to catch it when I got the time! :)
And I didn't know the previous posts' pictures I posted are so blur.. I will try to upload it when I got the time okay! (the previous posts were posted using my phone as my com is spoilt which explains the poor quality. and I am actually clueless about it because it looks perfectly alright in my phone)
Anw I had many pictures of Triumph in the skies II to share!! Will do it when I've time! ^^
Meanwhile I will show you a few of them first. haha
These are the pictures I posted on my instagram account. Can't wait to show you all the full size individual pictures and some of the pictures they requested of.

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