Thursday, 5 September 2013

Triumph in the skies II ep11-20

Episodes 11-20 have more emotional scenes as compared to ep1-10. There are more development in their relationships and there are many unpredictable scenes. If I didn't get to know earlier before I watch it, I would never expect that Heather would actually divorce with her husband, and get attach to Roy (Kenneth Ma) I haven't watch until that part yet, but I get to know it from all the different sources. I would not expect CoCo (nancy wu) to break off with her boyfriend. They are honestly very sweet, and her boyfriend is a really lovely and thoughtful boyfriend who never fail to shower her with all his love. He even proposed to Co Co many times before Co Co (nancy) finally agreed to his marriage proposal. I was really happy for them when I saw that scene, but then again, the happiness span was short as I know they wouldn't last because Co Co will be ending up with Jim Jim (Him Law) Maybe I shouldn't go around and read the synopsis for the upcoming series that I'm going to watch, so that I would get surprise for the changes in the storyline. Anyway, Holiday (Fala) and Captain Cool (Chilam) got together after Captain Cool unlocked the bracelet that Holiday was wearing. I feel that the way they got together was a bit well, out of a sudden. And at the same time when they got attach, Sam gor (Francis Ng) finally found the traingel. :)

The scene when Summer (myolie wu) permitted and asked Sam gor (Francis Ng) to treat her as Su Yi. Sam gor then broke down and I really love Francis!! His acting is so brilliant and superb!! I can really see the sadness in his eyes and feel his sorrow and pain. It feels like he finally let out something, something that he wanted to say to su yi all along, - "sorry" to "su yi" and it's so natural, his tears seemed to be uncontrollable and it just came coursing down. I was so touched by his acting that I almost tear too.  

when Holiday forced him to face and accept the reality.

The sibilings reconciliation scene. It's a touching and heart-warming scene.

when Rebecca (Pink Pink) made her first appearance.

She accepted his marriage proposal and not soon after, they broke off :'(

Sam gor is really a good brother, it's so heart-warming! :')

A hilarious scene XD their laughter are enough to make you laugh till you tear XD

This is really an amazing series with an outstanding cast! :)
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