Thursday, 5 September 2013

Samuel x Holiday (Triumph in the skies II ep21-25)

I am honestly loving Sam x Holiday. (Francis Ng, Fala Chen) They're so sweet, cute and lovely! I just finished ep30 and I am amazed how fast I can watch within a day haha. I am just loving this series and I really love watching this scene. I have been anticipating for this scene, I've been anticipating of how he would react to the "tiangle" and how Holiday (Fala chen) would break this news to him. Sam gor (Holiday) did very well with his emotional scene (in fact all the scenes) It just feel very natural looking at him on screen. He has the ability to brings you inside the storyline and getting attached to the character. I can feel the deeply love he has for su yi (myolie). I just really love seeing Captain Tong, Captain Cool and Holiday on screen. Holiday (Fala Chen) is really a cheerful person and I always laugh along with her when I'm watching her on screen. XD she's so cute!

The scene when Holiday break off with Captain Cool.
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