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Triumph in the skies II - Quick Overview

This would just be a quick and rather short overview. 
I just finished tits2, and honestly this is one of the best best best BEST series I had watched this year. I'm so attached to the drama and the characters that I'm feeling a sense of loss now.  I love how  the series ended with some of the flashback scenes, it's so sweet :') It's as if all of them gone through so much before they have a happy ending! I caught myself smiling throughout the last episode. The last part of the series (when the aeroplane was at default) was so enticing and thrilling. I found my heartbeat increased and I was grabbing tightly onto the cushions beside me. It seems so real, as if the whole plane was REALLY going to crash. Francis and Chilam did a very very very very GOOD job in their professional acting! In real life when they're filming, they are just merely sitting on a plane, pretending the plane was crashing, the plane obviously isn't moving at all. BUT they convinced it so well, the way they gripped onto the (handle that operates the system?? - no idea what's called) is so REAL! You can go re-watch it and you will know what I mean. That's the reason why it's keeping us in suspense, because everything just seems so real. And the way they speak, "how many metres... or smth to land" the tone and the trembling voice, I CAN SENSE their fear too! It's just so perfect! There're too many couples in this series, and each of their relationships are those unique kind that you won't normally find around you, and yet IT IS VERY SWEET. I love how they can balance well and link up between the pilots and relationships issues and problems, it won't really go off the main point. The music was also played at the appropriate times and I love how they went to different countries to film, I love the scenery!!! x)

Sam x Holiday: You wouldn't expect Sam, someone whom is so devoted to Zoe, Su Yi  would actually ended up falling for another girl, especially a girl who has such a huge different personality from him. The way they fall for each other is different from those common relationships, when they have some sparks, or when one save the other when he/she meets any danger. It's also not those love at first sight, or being attracted to the opposite's personality/character. You just find and sense they're in love with one another, like just out of sudden, AND YET IT FLOWS. It's also logical, and it's so natural and real thing.
It all started with 1) Sam staying at Holiday's house because he wanted to find the taste of the cake when he baked with Zoe. 2) Holiday then managed to find the taste of the cake coincidentally before he returned to become a pilot. 3) Holiday ambition is to become a pilot because of his ex, Daniel. Sam was a professional pilot and her "teacher" 4) Holiday was the last person Zoe had met before she passed away and whom she passed the triangle to. Everything is just like fated. And the way the love is developed between them is so well-written. Even though their personality and character is totally different, and after when Sam finally admits his feelings for holiday (the video below), they became more sweet and they really care for each other in all aspects. Sam doesn't really show out his love, but you can tell he really cares a lot for holiday. I can't emphasize how good Francis's acting is, because that's just a fact. If you ever notice, tears would start to well up at the brink of his eyes but then, it refuses to fall. This is simply because He portrays as a strong person. I've been saying this but I'm still going to say it again. You can just feel the love he has for Zoe throughout the first 20episdoes. And many times after he quarreled with holiday, you would actually does feel his remorse and sorrow. AM I RIGHT? Note that he didn't say anything but yet he can convey it to us through his brilliant actings! :) 



Issac x Summer. It's quite clear cut that they had fallen for each other after a while they got to know  each other. Initially, Issac cared for Summer purely because of Captain cool. Summer then fall for him cuz he was too caring and thoughtful I guessed? That's why they attended the cycling competition together, etc. Issac then fell in love with summer too. Josie then appeared and there're some misunderstandings but they are truly in love with one another so they still got together in the end! x)

JimJim x CoCo , It is really sweet of JimJim to be so supportive of CoCo even after he knows CoCo was bearing a child for her good friend- Colby. He doesn't look down on her and in fact, he was there to support her when CoCo was at her lowest. They are a very cute and hilarious couple! Haha! They're primary school mates and it was also fated for them! :')

Jayden x Holiday  It all started when Jayden unlocked the bracelet Holiday was wearing given by Daniel. She then went to kiss him and they were together. Haha it's quite a cute and creative way how they got together. After they broke off, Jayden then realized he truly loves Holiday. Holiday chooses Sam in the end. I was still afraid that there isn't an ending among the 3 of them, but luckily there is!:) There are many who ships this couple too! Their character are more similar but Sam was the one that Holiday truly loves.

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Heather and Roy I didn't know when they got together but they just did. And I need to comment on the last part! (CREATIVE STORYLINE)  Roy dyed his hair white so he can match with Heather! It's very sweet! :')

I know this is a rather short review but I hope you enjoyed!:) (decided to keep some of the comments to myself)

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