Thursday, 28 November 2013

2013 TVB Anniversary Awards Nominations Lists

Who are your picks for this year? :)


Yes, this 5 above all got nominated for the various awards with their roles in tits2! :)

Without doubt, this 2 are nominated as well, with the best male/female lead and favourite male/female character awards.
Best Actor

Best Actress
Favourite Male Character
Favourite Female Character
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Most Improved Actor
Most Improved Actress

For the Best Actor award category,  the only 2 series I've finished watching it was ACOH and TITS, OnCall2 has not finish broadcasting and I've only watched a few episodes of Will Power. So the nominees that were nominated based on the 2 series I had watched, Michael Miu, Bosco Wong, Julian Cheung and Francis Ng, I am fine if any of them walked away with the Best Actor award. I've been liking Michael Miu all along, ever since I started watching my first TVB series Diecey Business. I find him looking so much younger than his age, and he has good acting too! He can pull off with any role, be it a villain role or being a cop. As for Bosco Wong, I've been rooting for him ever since Diecey Business too. He was so cute inside Diecey Business!  As for the 2 CAPTAINS, Captain Tong and Captain Cool, if you've been following me on instagram, or been knowing me, you should know that I'm really really really crazy over the both of them. They're just so perfect!! For Captain Cool, of course he pulled off the role well. The way he walked, the way he carry himself,  with the shades he wears, one word: COOL! And of course, he did his emotional scenes well. (Just take the scene when he reconciled with his sister, myolie as an example, I almost cried along with him.) For Captain Tong, that's definitely no doubt! After 10 years, 10 years and yet, he still could bring out the "Captain Tong" feel. It is definitely not easy to achieve. Especially with his emotional scenes, the scene when he cannot accept the fact that he was not beside Zoe when she passed away. The first few episodes before he returned to become a captain, and the scene when he first get to see Summer. The expressions, the face he contorted, the tears that slowly brimmed in his eyes before it began to fall, or refused to fall, the way he portrayed as a devoted man, and a captain. PERFECT. He loved Zoe so much and later on when he love Holiday, you can still feel his love for Holiday too, right? That's because of his brilliant and amazing acting, and of course, the well-written script! :)

I will continue with my other picks in my next post, I need to rest now as I am still recovering

Pictures credits to weibo (HkChannel and wosoloo), I've edited most of it!

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