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Julian Cheung x Linda Chung x Him Law x Nancy Wu Bosco Wong x Niki Chow Kenneth Ma x Tavia

I'm backkkk! Haven't been updating much recently, I can't even afford to have the time to sleep for the past few weeks, let alone having the time to touch my laptop, or even blog. Had only 3-4 hours of sleep everyday for the past 2-3 weeks and I swear I am so so so so tired. I think I can even sleep with my eyes open. And I fall asleep the moment when I stopped doing something, so I must be doing things all day long. I can even fall asleep when I'm standing.

I am going to write about basically everything on this post, events, awards, dramas, pictures, etc but of course, it will be related to tvb stuffs! :)

Starting off with the TVB Malaysia Star Awards that was held weeks ago!
I believed all of you knew about who the winners are, so I shall skip that part.

Linda was so happy that she cried. I feel her, I really feel her. I watched the speech she made, and I really feel her. She worked so hard for more than the past ten years and finally, more and more people paid attention to her and recognized her efforts! Not only her, but I think all the artists really came a very super extremely long way before everyone started to recognize their efforts. And definitely, these awards doesn't come easy. (esp for best actor and actress award) Back to Linda, How can someone looked so pretty even when she's crying? I mean just looked at her, isn't she gorgeous? Also, just looked at how she wiped her tears. It's so cute and gracious. Haha I always find her looking so gracious with every move she made. (The way she walked, the way she smiled, the way she walked, the way she cried, and now, even the way she wiped her tears can be so cute and gracious haha) She mentioned in her speech that, her tears are real. HAHA. How cute can she get? x) But still, I am really happy for her! :)
As for Julian Cheung... Yes CAPTAIN COOL. *screams* He's really popular now and I had read many of his interviews recently. I remembered I came across somewhere that he was worried that the album he released (tits theme song) would not be well-received, but it came out to be amazingly great with don't know how many thousands of albums sold... (I forgot the digits) but anyway, he said now he would be more confident to release more albums in the years to come! :) And he performed singing tits theme song on this award ceremony too! Did you hear the screams of the audiences? Haha I can really sense their excitement! Julian looked really younggggg and he can just stand there doing nothing and just let me look and admire his face and I would be elated enough. Haha!

Did you notice something? One of the biggest similarity between the both of them is.......

      Would the both of them be the TVB King and Queen as well? I hope so! ;)
Congratulations to Nancy and Him as well!! Both of them did a great performance in tits2 as CoCo and JimJim respectively! :)

Moving on....

It was Bosco's birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSCO!!! :D
He's one of my top favourite now and I would never miss any of his series :)

Also, Niki wished him on her weibo! Haha so cute!
 Niki's weibo: 波波生日快樂Wish u all the best !!!! 單身一族請注意:@黄宗泽 又一新搞《Oster mine 》從食物到服務都是A級恭喜黃老闆已經榮升為鑽石王老五筍盤!有意請洽!私信給我Hahahaha [偷笑][偷笑] "

On the 8th December, which is about one week ago, Fala attended
~ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL X 與你共度浪漫白色聖誕」手機發佈會~
During this event, Fala made her appearance via MAGIC! Haha, quite a special and unique way!!

Credit wosoloo weibo

《#貓屎媽媽#》Coffee Cat MaMa is a 20 episodes series starring Michelle Yim ,Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu Eliza Sam Vincent Wong, Jerry Koo Ming Wa, Regen Cheung. It is going to air on 23Dec 9.30pm! Are you anticipating for it? BOSCOOOO *screams* hahaha!

Since BAO CHI TAI (Bosco Wong) and his wife SUNG CHAU BO (Miki Yeung) divorced, he had to take up the responsibility of a mother and take good care of their 8 year old son as a single parent. He frequently goes from one job to the next, his roommates SO SIK (Jerry Koo) and YAM KA JING (Vincent Wong) referred him to a job at a family-owned coffee shop. When he met the three female owners who were troublesome and had a complicated relationship, his life changed. MA SZE NGA (Michelle Yim) is BIN GWAI CHI's (Eliza Sam) biological mother, her late ex-husband left them with the coffee shop for her and his second wife SO MEI (Nancy Wu) to manage together. SZE NGA often bossed everyone around and secretly bribed CHI TAI to spy on her employees and at the same time, she trained him to become a professional barista. Initially GWAI CHI disliked CHI TAI, but she later develop feelings for him after watching him work so hard to raise his son and she was willing to help him. SZE NGA found out about their relationship and opposed to them developing further because she feared this would destory her dream of having her daughter become a doctor. SO MEI also didn't want to see GWAI CHI ruin her future, so she teamed up with SZE NGA to break them up...(aZnangel)

- Michelle is a strict person, she eventually got a divorce with her husband To Sir due to the personality differences
- Nancy is a tutor, she is laid back and later marries To Sir.
- Bosco is a coffee brewer at a coffee shop, nicknamed "Tai Chi Bao" (Raisin Bread)
- Eliza is an employee at the coffee shop
- To Yin Gor is Michelle's ex-husband and Nancy's husband. Later dies.
- Michelle is Eliza and Regen's mother
- Nancy is Eliza and Regen's step-mother
- Jerry is an employee at the coffee shop, Nancy's elder brother
- Dek Dik an employee at the coffee shop
- Vincent is a Home Ed teacher, Nancy's boyfriend.
- Bosco, Dek, Vincent and Jerry are good friends.
- Miki is Bosco's ex-wife
- Bosco and Miki have a son.
- Mimi Chu is Nancy and Jerry's mother.
- Vincent has a relationship with Nancy, Mimi and Siu Bo

Synopsis and Info CREDITS TO

Btw, who's the main female lead?

From Sharon's weibo, 點金勝手全廠完了!@黃智賢 @黄宗泽 @胡定欣nancywu
A wrapping for 點金勝手, I thought this series and coffee cat mama was the same series initially haha!

Lastly, I am going to end this post with KenTa scenes and pictures of OnCall2! I've seen spoilers and I knew that ep28 is going to be a very sad episode! People who have seen it should know what I mean. Anw, some of the sweet KenTa scenes!!!
Look at how they looked at each other, deeply in each other's eyes:)

Look at Ah Yi's expression ahhaha.

So cute x)

Pictures credit to weibo as stated in the picture with the respective user

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