Thursday, 22 December 2011

Splitsecond is really an awesome drama. There is high climax on EVERY episode. Looking at the words i used, i used EVERYEPISODE. u could imagine how amazing it is. This had become the top favTVB drama I loved now. Though i had not finished , but Im finishing REAL SOON. Still could rmb my country actually aired this like 4-5 years back. I didnt catch it that time, but my family did. and befr i even started this drama, my dad goes, "Kevin actually suffered frm cancer at the end" and he goes on, "ah dong (the role inside) actually got drugs addict in the end too". i swear i was pissed enough, and my bro adds on. "MosesChan died in the end" and "Alex fong's daughter (inside the drama) died too" I was totally enraged ! And thus, i ha been so called "anticipating" for all the outcomes they had mentioned. How annoying it can be right.

I really pity the plight of ahdong's and alexfong's roles inside. They really suffered alot. esp ahdong. he was an undercover. Being an undercover is really pathetic. You had to scarifice ALOT and u may end up dying. u shd not afford to have family when u become an undercover. U will totally had no idea how much ur family will suffers and worry for u. Just like ahdong had said, " I had to risk my life out there, and u guys (high ranks police) just need to sit inside the air-conditioning doing nothing". what he said is right. Highranks police dont really do nothing though, but well, u know what i mean. yeah. moreover, undercover receive the same salary. why shd they risk their life for? thats why explained why many undercovers actually (bian jie) at the end. (okay, my english sucks, idk how to say it in chi) . yeah, i made it sounds like i know someone in reallife who is an undercover! :p haha!

As for alexfong, he actually do ALOT of things to save his daughter. He even burned the whole (office) and just almost turned berserk. After so much of sufferings he had suffered fr his daughter, he finally managed to see his daughter. Just when he took a first glance at his daughter, his daughter was knocked down by a car. It was so heartbreaking. Alexfong portrayed his role fantastically well. The anxious, worry, sad, angry yet sad , those expressions on his face was so natural. It somehow made u to feel the way he felt. He actually made viewers (me) to get affected through his actings. that was WOW. so yeah, basically, the Alex's girlfr (inside this drama), shd be a item with wenhua (role inside) ,instd of alexfong. wenhua actually treats her so well.

Okay, so overall would rate this 9.5/10 !!! A very enticing drama, with all the good casts inside! had not been watching any 2011dramas yet. still currently digging out all these past awesome dramas :)
And yeah, the above splitsecond banner , i took like 45mins to maeke it. Omg right! I admit i sucks at all this. esp when i do not have photoshop.

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