Monday, 6 February 2012

WHEN HAVEN BURNSHi guys! Firstly a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! :) Decided to do a preview regarding when haven burns. I really enjoyed this drama and Im currently at ep27. :) I cant understand why people criticised and condemned this drama so negatively when i think this drama is just simply amazing and incredible. So you know many people had been really anticipating this drama since years back, till now, when it finally aired, everyone just said they felt disappointed and stuffs. Had to agree that the actual trailer originally looks better but well, this was not that bad either. Comments towards this drama was "to the extreme" , either u loved and enjoyed it alot, or u hated it to the extremedity. To be frank, i wasnt rly interested at first, but well, when my fond towards Bowie grew more and more each day, I decided to watch this drama. Had to really admit PARTLY the reason I loved this drama was because of bowie, If not of him, I doubt i will be watching this series. So I actly took like 5days to finishing this. Limited myself to 3episodes/day aft the first 2days of watching it at 9ep/day. Couldnt bear to finish this series. HAHA, It sounds like a joke to you, but I mean it. Just limit myself everyday. Bowie's acting was really great! had been discussing it with my few friends and I cant help but to go crazy when i talked about Bowie. One of my friend just couldnt simply believe i liked bowie so she was like "Huh, u serious? " that kind of tone and expression. Yeah, okay, abit out of topic here. So back to this series, It's abit boring during first few ep. I skipped the 1st ep and proceed on to the 2nd. So if u guys want see without getting bored, u just go this way. Ep2>Ep9 then u can start from episode 9 onwards. :) Love how the story slowly develops. Their r/s be it love or friends, is just so logical and it made sense. Their r/s grew slowly and systemically , its nt senseless or whatsoever. Secondly, the diagloues in this series was so meaningful. It teaches us many useful phrases and all the things can be applied to our daily basis. Just loved it so much. U can go youtube, there's this somebody who extract out all the meaningful lines in this drama. So I got so crazy over bowie/when haven burns tht I went to do an amazing video of it. It's so perfectly done when i wasted like 4hours of my life on it. I thought its kinda worth it, but towards the end, HELLNO. I couldnt manage to save the video, and ALL my efforts and time had gone down to drain. I was hell sad and in rage that i can offically smash the vase on the floor. Cooled myself , so here I am with this post. Anw, I think Moses and Kenny acted quite well here :) and i think the classic episodes of this series was ep13,15 and 27!

Really loved all the expressions bowie looked at the above. his acting is so natural. Always observed his facial expression, esp the eyes and nose, mouth there :)

This can be found on ep27. which explains why ep27 is one of the classic ep. :)

Not really aware if i shd said tht I loved this drama or rather said that I loved bowie, HAHA. but well, I guess it doesnt matters. Pictures credit to SUMMER-justTVB(all the pretty graphics with labelled) and graphixfocus(firstpict), lynee(last2ndpict, bt edited by me), googleimage and ofc myself. HAHA. BYE

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