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Favourite series of the year part1

I will start from the year of 2008 since that's the year where I started watching all the tvb series :D
That goes without saying, my favourite series in 2008 is none other than moonlight resonance :D

I still remembered vivdly in my mind all the incidents that took place in moonlight resonance. I was captivated just by the first few episodes of it. There are already high climaxes and unexpected twisting points in the first few episodes. In fact, there are actually cosntant climaxes in each episode. 
It's so engaging that it just kept me going for the entire 40 episodes. Since this was only the 3rd tvb series I started watching back then, I didnt really know all the artists and their names. In fact, I was rather new and unfamiliar with all the TVB artists. faces, names, etc. I didnt even know the cast back then. But just right after the first few episodes, I had been captured by this flawless casts. I was rather impressed by all their brillant actings and how they delivered it to the audience. I even felt like I was brought into their characters. Each of the artist in moonlight resonance did a very good job in protraying their characters. That includes all the small roles like wayne's & shirley's roles, etc. Even though wayne's exposure and screentime were not much, it doesnt mean his role was insignificant. In fact, his role was so important for the development for the story and he definitely perform well. I could sense the angst (in certain secnes) and the righteous conduct he felt he ought to possess. All these are shown through his facial expressions, and the tone he delivered as he expressed to show his righteousness. I also saw tears started to well up in his eyes as the sense of guiltness overwhelmes him, together with the gratitude he felt towards louise lee.

Hayu, Lousie lee, Mischelle yim and Susanna Kwan are all very experienced actor and actresses, which is once again proven in this series through their outstanding performances. Hayu really did an amazing job in his role of Jo爸. In the first few episodes, he convinced the audience that he was someone bad and heartless, especially towards 荷妈 (role played by lousie lee). But as the story develops, you will begin to realize that he wasnt that bad afterall. He actually did feel guilty over the years. After the first high climax of wayne revealing the truth that 荷妈 lousie lee) wasnt the cause of the death of  Jo爸's brother, you can sense mama's (Lee Heung Kam) and maybe  Jo爸's (Hayu ) hatred and resentement towards 荷妈 (role played by lousie lee) lightened, which is also one of the turning point of the series. Slowly after, a series of incidents took place which drive Jo爸 (Hayu ) towards 荷妈's(lousie lee) family side more. Each time when 红姨 (role played by Mischelle Yim) wanted to blow up an incident, it would always endup being backfired. She will always be the one who gets it at the end and landed herself to such situation.

There are some love triangles in this series. One of the unique point in this series is that the love triangles actually does contributes to the storyline (and even if it does not, it's really very enjoyable to watch) The romance part of this series is rather touching and sweet. For Jo爸's (Hayu ) and 荷妈's(lousie lee) relationship, it's cute and sweet.
There are also many touching scenes in the series. One of it was during 阿庆's (fala)  birthday. The moment when  Jo爸 (Hayu) confirmed that it was all  红姨's (Mischelle Yim) deeds for stopping him and wanted him to retreat from going to her birthday celebration, he then was determined. Despite having all the bruises, injuries and cuts on his hands and face, despite the cake he held onto was being squashed and smashed, despite having his spectacle spoilt and not being able to see clearly, despite having all the diffculties and injuries to even walk, he still managed his way through. This part is really touching :'(
Ofc there are many other touching scenes, too many to list, so I shall just list one hahaaa.
I also love how heartwarming this series is. When anything happens to anyone in the family, all the other members will get so worried and will just do anything to help out. They are also very supportive of one another. You can just really feel the bond in this family, really sweet :')

2 gorgeous ladies- Fala and Tavia. Though they do not have any blood relations, but they may even be closer than some of the blood relation sisters. This is also the series that makes me love both fala and tavia. Tavia performed exceptionally well in moonlight resonance with the extreme emotions poured into the
 character. She's quite pitiful in the series. I think almost all the unfortunate things happend to 阿月(protrayed by tavia). She's always magnlied for all the things she never did and yet, it seems that nobody is bringing her justice kind of thing (at the beginining). But luckily, all truths will always revealed at the end and she's being justified. :)

Many couples in this series but I'm just gna list some~ :)
#Couple1: Rayda~~ They are just too cute in this series. They both love each other, they will always be there for one another at all times. really sweet.

#Couple 2: Bosco+linda! Another couple in the series. Makes me think of witness insecurity and gem of life hahaaa~

                 #Couple3: Tavia+Moses. They actually go through alot before getting together~ :)

In 2009, my favourite seriess are  Emergency unit & Rosy Business :)
Emergency unit is the 2nd/3rd hk police series that I watched and I must say I really fall in love with it when I first watched it. It then since etched in my mind vivdly and leaves a very deep impression to me up till thus. I love michaelmiu so much in this series and i find him really charming :) He does not correspond to his age at all. This series also made michael tse's popularity surges and I think almost everyone know who's "laughing gor" right now. x)

Next, is rosy business.My favourite:  Sherayne :))

I wasnt very interested in this series initially (before watching) because I dont like to watch series with this era. But still, I decided to give it a try and I'm super glad I did. Honestly, I dont really remember the details for this series though I watched it for about 2-3 times. But there's alot of high climaxes too and caigao(wayne) and baoqi(sheren) will always be there for one another whenever the other party faced any crisis. They will always faced and get over it together :)

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