Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Confidant~

The confidant has a huge ensemble of casts tied together with a very well-written storyline.The stroyline has been very engaging and keeping you in suspense for each episode. I found the young emperor looking really cute and adroable :) I think wayne did a good job in portraying "li lian ying". The same goes to mischelle yim, in protraying her role of "CiXi". In the series, she's the type of person that couldnt totally express her feelings out, but still we can see how she feels at time through her eyes and stunning facial expression. Power Chan's role as "SanShun" is another role worth mentioning. His style and character in this drama is distinctive and entertaining, and funny at times. I find him quite adroable too! He actually came out to be the most loyal and the kindest brother among the brothers which I find it the least expected. Many unexpected turns and twisting points in this series that makes you awed. Many sudden drastic changes in the characters that leads to all the unexpected turning points in the storyline that keeps you anticipated. Overall, I enjoyed this series :)

Pictures taken from tvb horizon , summer

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