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Lau Sing and Gau mui in no regrets

Had been into them recently (all this while actually) and I decided to reread all those related news/reviews about them and I came about a post @ Tvb horizon about it so I was inspired to compose one too xD

On chingching's wedding. Haha how cute of them to get blush xD

"This couple can be consider as one of my favourites now. The understanding between them is really amazing. Their relationship is really settle but also really romantic at the same time and it is really touching. It is not the kind of relationship you can see around. I'm glad tvb managed to pull this relationship off." I think the most important factor that contributes to all these is their great actings. They totally express out this relationship perfectly well and touches our hearts.

Looking how sad sheren was upon hearing the news of her father's death and wayne gone missing. It must be a big blow to her to loose both his dad and wayne at the same time... that pain should be unbearable.
Wayne and Pierre were suppose to take Sheren's dad to Guangxi, but on the way there...they were caught between a fight of the two armies. Sheren's dad died and Wayne lost his memory. Though his memory is lost, he still can't forget about Sheren, he still remembers someone was waiting for him. He can't remember who though....this really shows how much he cares for Sheren.

Episode 9. This is when they start to trust each other and where their relationship develops. Gau mui pleaded lau sing to help her and wayne finally agreed to it.

Episode 10, where gau mui decide to confide to him and they burn the all opiums together.

 Episode12, where lau sing came to gau mui's rescue.

Wayne blushed on episode 15 when he lied to fei fan that there's something between him and gau mui hoping fei fan to release ching ching in the episode14 haha.

This scene was so sweet! Wayne told Sheren that he was considering of going to Nanjing. Sheren told him that it was a good thing, not too mention the hospitals there are good for Ching Ching. Underneath though, we could see that neither of them wanted to be parted. And I think when Wayne told her that, he was wishing that she'd tell him to stay. Sadly, neither of them said anything and when Wayne left...they could only look back at each other.  I was hoping there's a hug or something though hahaa!

You can really see the fear and sadness in her eyes, how much courage she need in order to pull the trigger? but this is the only way out though. She was trembling in fear when she pull the trigger and I heaved a sigh of relief for her when everything is finally over. I believed everyone can feel her fear and pain, for the real tears in her eyes speaks everything.

Dont just think of others, need to spare a thought for yourself.

Another touching scene
I found the whole process of saving lau sing really loving and touching that it makes me tear. Look at how agony they're in when they need to part with each other. I expected a hug right here because they really deserved to be hugged!! But I get disappointed once again because no hug at all :( The scene of gau mui praying was really touching too :'( She was telling to the lord that if anything really happens to lau sing, she wont know what to do anymore... This really shows how much lau sing meant to her. I can really relate to her fear of loosing lau sing..I think she will just do anything to save him even if that would cause her life.

Drug addiction scenes. You can tell how deep lau sing love her when you see tears in his eyes although it was gau mui who is on drug addiction and not him. This shows that he felt equally miserable when he see his love ones suffering. Both did a good job in expressing out their feelings. Really love them :) :)

 In order to save gau mui, lau sing jumped in front of her and took a shot for her! At that moment, everything was really dangerous, so the Japanese pulled gau mui into a car....leaving lau sing on the streets.When gau mui saw Wayne lying on the streets though, she got really emotional. She stopped the Japanese car immediately, jumped out and ran towards him. You can then see how important lau sing is to her, and how afraid she was of loosing him.

Lau sing volunteered to escort her and the first time when they took a boat together where lau sing teach her how to deal with her seasickness. 

The second time where they took a boat together and lau sing hand her a fake greenade for protection. Lau sing told her that he only had two of it and this one is the last one. Gau mui then sounds so panic and I think she is even jealous xD so she quickly asked lau sing who he gave his the other grenade to. haha xD


I personally find this scene very touching and impacting that I rewatched this scene for about 25 times. Gau mui was sent to the concentration camp by the japanese and she thought that she would have ended her life this way. Neither did she expect that lau sing would came back in sucha short period of time and even found out where she was and came to her rescue. I really find this scene so touching like omg omg it's like they finally met again after the all the continuous obstacles they faced earlier, etc. And what wayne said to her was so touching omg!! and with their excellent actings!!  I really expect a hug here again but sadly there's no hug urghh hahaa.

The scene of ...
Sheren: When it's my time to die. I wonder who'll be waiting for me.
Wayne: Depends on who'll die first, me or you. If I die first, I'll wait for you.

FINALLY after 30 years!!! Sheren and Wayne is united! It was so sweet too! In all those years, Wayne have been in China and have been trying to migrate to US to find Sheren. Every month or so he would go for and apply for the US visa. For 30 years, Sheren looked for him on the newspaper every month. For 30 years, they were seperated, but in the end....they were reunited. I was still expecting a hug from that on that moment when they reunite hahaaa so basically there's no hug from them in the whole series :(   (there's one though, which was the part of the plan of "lau sing crisis" but that really doesnt counts haha)

It had been so long but my love towards them has never ceased :) It took so long for me to compose this post lol (bc I dont really know how to arrange and resize the pics up there as you can see all the pics are jumble out in a mess hahahaa) but I enjoyed while comprehending it :)

I dont really do any reviews of any series or should I say I dont really dare to voice out my views and opinions because I am afraid it may be offensive. Haha ya that's the reason why, I always endup deleting all my posts of reviews etc lol. Some of the pictures and contents of this post I got it from Tvb Horizon  

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