Saturday, 16 March 2013


黄宗泽微波:  謝謝! @D-mop SLVR by Adidas Limited Edition 的鞋子!十分舒服漂亮!
Bosco's weibo: Thanks for the shoe by @D-mop SLVR by Adidas Limited Edition. It's very nice and comfortable!

Linda's weibo: Thank you dears! 辛苦了, 去吃個好吧[哈哈]

LindaChung, BoscoWong and ChristineKuo were the host for the opening of food republic. (from weibo)

 Awww :')

胡杏儿微波:  今天空襲完畢!! 

My thoughts: Hahaha! All of them look so cute and adroable up there.. :) Linda looks so gorgeous.. Bosco and Linda... looking so great~ still remember how crazy I was over them in witness insecurity! :)

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