Thursday, 26 September 2013

I MET LINDA!!! (Mikimoto Opening)

As many know, Mikimoto Celebrates 120 Years With Store In Singapore and Hong Kong TVB actress Linda Chung, who is in town for the opening of this jewellery boutique. Linda look radiant with a $2.2million pearl necklace at the opening of Mikimoto at MBS. (according to the Straits Times Life tweets)
As usual, I was really really really excited the night before that I didn't get to sleep. I reached the airport early and I was waiting anxiously and excitedly. -I am going to shorten everything-  In the end, all of us couldn't get to see her at the airport as she left via the VIP pathway :( I was honestly very disappointed and sad.
I was so stupid as I get the venue incorrectly. In the end, I was rushing like mad and I walked like a million miles (It's just really so far) with my super heavy pack bag and camera before I finally reached the venue. We were kept waiting for so long before Linda finally appeared with her beautiful, elegant blue gown. My hands were trembling and in the end, I managed to snap only one blurred picture of her before she went into the shop. So much for trying, planning and even experimenting (for the best spot and the lightings, distance etc lol)
And again, I was too excited to ask for a hand-shake or something. :(
I thought I would be more experience this time round, but however, I proved myself wrong lol.
Linda really look stunning, gorgeous and elegant. Her smile is so sweet that it instantly melts my heart. Each of her action is just so gracious and I really love her cute accent and her voice is so sweet.
From Linda's weibo : 感謝 Mikimoto 今天的邀請。 祝新店生意興隆, 繼續為女性帶來 timeless, elegant, exquisite masterpieces. Also, thank you Escada for the beautiful dress....lovelovelove -L- "
Some pictures that I took in the event!

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