Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Believed many had heard of this StarHub TVB awards that's held in Singapore.
I got too excited that I didn't have my sleep for the whole night. (It happened at all times)
I reached the airport early and the airport was unusually packed as compared to any normal days.
The atmosphere and ambience was great when I reached the airport. Shouts of excitements and laughers could be heard! This have given me some adrenaline rush as if I'm having a race. Everyone just literally camped outside the belt door. It stated the flight has ended but none of them were seen.
Suddenly, I heard a lot of noises before I saw Kenneth (Ma Ming) and Tavia making their way.
LF's FC (FF) then goes
*Beep Beep* *LAMFUNG*  *Beep Beep* *LAMFUNG* *Beep Beep* *LAMFUNG* *Beep Beep* *LAMFUNG* *Beep Beep* *LAMFUNG*
I just simply love the atmosphere!
It was not long after they were out of my sight. I tried my best jumping and tip-toeing (any forms to make my height grow instantly and temporarily). Just as I was still trying to spot them, LF FC started shouting and cheering. The first person whom I saw was... LAMFUNG!
 He's honestly so chok that I melted instantly.
SUPER 帅帅帅帅帅帅帅帅帅
Their speed were so fast, like a bolt of lighting, and no, I'm not even exaggerating.
Bosco is the next person whom I see, he's also  帅帅帅帅帅帅爆爆爆爆爆爆爆.
The fan opposite me, (some tourists that just happened to be there, I suppose, hearing the way she talked) just shout "BOSCOOOO" and she stretched her hand to ask for a handshake. Bosco is so nice to walk over to give her a handshake.
I want to bang the wall.
why didn't I stretch my hand too?
why am I so dumb?!
after many painful lessons, I've not learn my lessons yet.
once I get excited, my mind will go blank and I will be too slow to react.
I didn't take many pictures cuz I wanted to make sure that I get to see their faces with my BARE EYES and not through the camera lenses (which I did previously).
At least, improvements! lol
Almost all were wearing shades on that day.
In case you were wondering who I saw,
LF, Bosco, Tavia, Linda, Michelle, Mandy, Kenneth, Kate


I am confident that I will manage to snap a clear close-up picture,but at the very last minute........ SECUIRTY GUARD -___-

 That's Kate's back on the middle pic above!
I didn't upload all the pictures- the file size is huge and I've to resize it (or else it wont upload)
My eyelids are heavy and I'm feeling giddy due to tiredness.
So, I'm going to end here. I will continue probably on the next post?
Before I end, some of the pictures that I've found and edited.

From michelle yim's weibo!

In case you're wondering why the watermark is "tvbpictures" and that's because I've an instagram fan account- @tvbpictures.

Picture source (origin, before edited) is either by StarHub or XinMsn. Otherwise, stated! :)

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